Diagnosis…Colon Cancer

Hey all,

Just and update on how I got to where I am today. About two months ago I passed a little blood. I actually had a complete physical around the same time and the doctor said I was in good shape-actually lowering my cholesterol from 3 years earlier. We actually took a family vacation during early May and I don’t remember having any problems or any signs around that time. But by the end of May or Early June I started to pass some blood, not much and inconsistent until a couple weeks ago. I then went to Urgent Care last week who found nothing and they scheduled me for a Flex Sig exam this past Monday morning where they found something and biopsied it. It then got scheduled for a Colonoscopy right away.

I received this big news on Wed. afternoon(July 2nd). The Dr. came into my Colonoscopy and told me that the biopsy they took from their findings from Monday June 30th exam came back positive for Cancer. Not the kind of news you want to hear after they have just administered some drugs into your system via IV. They had to lower my head as I was faint and nauseated. I don’t really remember much more about what the Dr. said after that. They started the procedure and I faded in and out of consciousness. It was a drawn out procedure in which Karen said that she was waiting for 2 hours for me to get into recovery. In recovery they explained that I would see a surgeon next week and that I would have surgery soon afterward.

Here are the stats from what they found at the Colonoscopy;

  • a 2-3 mm sessile polyp in the rectum-removed
  • a malignant tumor in the distal sigmoid colon. It is an ulcerated non-obstructing mass. The mass involved 1/3 of the lumen circumference. the mass measured 4 cm in length. Its diameter measured 5-6 cm. They biopsied it and injected it with India ink. An adjacent 4 mm polyp was removed. The pathologist graded this mass as a 2 out of 4 on the nuclear grade scale(meaning it is not multiplying quickly)
  • a 4 mm sessile polyp in the tranverse colon-removed
  • a 2 mm sessile polyp in the hepatic flexure
  • a 7 mm polyp in the hepatic flexure. This was a flat polyp as Polyps can actually be what you imagine(sticking out) or they lay flat like this one did. The polyp was removed but resection was incomplete. The resected tissue was retrieved. Coagulation for tissue destruction using argon plasma at 1.0 liter/minute was successful. This was successfully injected with India ink also.

I was slow to recover and actually had to go to Sarah and Pete’s for additional recovery time. On Thursday(July 3rd) I went back to the hospital for blood work and a CT Scan of my chest, abdomen and pelvis. They are trying to determine if the cancer has spread to other organs. On Thursday afternoon I was wiped with cramping, bleeding and a small fever. I did manage to rest the entire night and get some food in me.

Yesterday I was feeling much better and actually had my first real meal in about 5 days at Dave’s house(a 4th of July picnic).

Next Tuesday I meet with the surgeon to figure out his plan of attack. I am guessing it will be surgery next week and possibly some chemo to follow.

I will do my best to keep people posted on what the results are next Tuesday. For now I am trying to rest a lot and get my body ready for next week.




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5 responses to “Diagnosis…Colon Cancer

  1. Lori

    Just reminding you that we are all thinking of you and praying for a successful surgery. You’re right with all these people praying for you, the cancer doesn’t stand a chance!
    Good luck today!

  2. Rona

    Hi Chris, just wanted to see how everything is going for you? Sending love and prayers your way!

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