Baty Update

Today was another tough day-not all bad, but not all good.

My Dad, Dianne(Mother-in-law) and myself met with my Colorectal Surgeon(Dr. Belzer). We were told that Dr. Belzer is the surgeon we would want to have, so I was glad he was assigned to me. He looked at the Colonoscopy results, reviewed current health, family history(My grandfather had Colon Cancer at age 48 and was cured), blood work and my CT Scans from last week. Most of the results were positive but they did see some spots in the liver. This is the first organ that Colon cancer spreads to. He counted as many as 12 spots. These spots may not be cancer but we won’t know the results until the biopsy them. They will do the biopsy at the same time they do the surgery to remove the tumor in my colon. The surgery is scheduled for noon on July 31st. The procedure will be performed at Methodist in St. Louis Park. It will take 3-4 days for me to recover and get out of the hospital. Then the Dr. said it takes anywhere between 2-6 weeks before I can get back to work.

During those recovery weeks I will get the results of the Liver Biopsy. Whether they find cancer or not they are scheduling me for 6 weeks of Chemo treatments. Sometime prior to the beginning of those treatments they will attach a semi-permanent port into my chest for Chemo treatments and IV’s.

I seem to get lucky with all my appointments, just not always with the results. Dr. Belzer called a Oncologist that he really liked and as luck would have it, they just had a cancellation and could see me at 10:30 this morning(this is literally the 4th time I have gotten right in to see the person I needed to see). My Oncologist’s name is Dr. Duane and seems to be a real optimist. Dr. Duane did a brief examination and talked about how we would go for a complete cure, no matter what they found in the Liver. He explained how I will tolerate the chemo and explained good days and bad days. After each treatment I go home with a pump that continues to feed me chemo for the next couple days. After the first round of Chemo. they will do all the blood work and CT Scans again to see how both the Colon and Liver are doing. At that point they will make a determination whether or not to do another round of Chemo or try to operate on the Liver. For consultation and potential surgery on the Liver, we will move on to Dr. Timothy Sieloff. He again comes highly recommended. A surgeon who doesn’t know me but is the brother of a guy I work with called me tonight and said to go to him, so again I am lucky that I am already set to work with him once I get past this first surgery.

I told both Dr.’s that I wanted to be as aggressive as possible with the treatments. Both agreed that, that was the way to approach it especially since I am still relatively young and relatively in good shape.

Between now and the 31st it is preparation time-mentally, physically and spiritually. I really appreciate all the love, support and prayers for Karen, I and the boys. We will probably be calling on all of you for help at some point.

Thanks for listening-I’m sure I will be emailing again once I hit recovery the first week of August.


P.S. In a side note-I think we won our 1st soccer game of the year. The reason I say “think” is one kid on my team decided to kick the ball in his own net twice, so if I don’t count those goals-we won! Brenden got his first goal ever, so he was excited. His brother and cousin(who were playing) just couldn’t get enough of making sand castles in the dirt in front of our goal.



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3 responses to “Baty Update

  1. Claudine Manor

    Chris, some tips that we learned during the two years our good friend had cancer. Stock up on Powerade or Gatorade, popsicles and some type of breakfast drink (Carnation, etc.). You may not always feel like eating but these are key in giving you nutrients and keeping you hydrated. I would also STRONGLY suggest buying Lance Armstrong’s book and reading it – it is all about positive attitude! I have read over and over that if you continue to be positive and optimistic, you will prevail. In the mean time, you all will be in our prayers and PLEASE let us know if there is anything we can do.
    Claudine, Mike and kids

  2. Chuck Ring

    Carol told me of your cancer. You have been in my
    prayers since then. This will be tough but I know
    you and your family will prevail.

    God be with you and with all of the family.


    James 5:15
    And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well;

  3. jeanne Sprader

    I am a neighbor of Dorothy Stratton. I am sharing her concern and know you and your family are in my prayers. May God’s comfort and peace be with you.

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