Surgery Update #2

Karen just called and Chris is now in recovery.  The doctor said the surgery went well.  They ended up taking out a little more than the planned 12 inches of colon.  When they looked at the liver, the doctor said they saw what he described as a “classic tumor”, so they didn’t biopsy it as it would have extended the surgery another hour, so they now know the cancer has spread without needing the biopsy.

Karen will try to give another update once Chris is out of recovery and she’s able to see him.  On a lighter note, Brenden’s t-ball skills are improving by the week, and Coach Grandpa Stratton is tired from chasing kids around all night on the t-ball field. Brenden even took a ball to the head and toughed it out…no tears!  When Coach Stratton asked Brenden who is a better coach, Grandpa or Dad, Brenden was quick to answer “both”.  I think we have a politician on our hands.  As for Jaxson, well, I spent my night “encouraging” him to stay out of the dirt…unfortunately it didn’t work and he has pebbles stuck in both his hair and his underwear.  Needless to say, it’s bath time.   



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  1. Laurie

    Thank you so much Sarah. It helps all who are praying for Chris and Karen to know!

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