Surgery Update #4

Just talked to Chris. He sounds a little groggy but is in good spirits. He said he’s not feeling any pain (thanks to the epidural) but he’s been feeling nauseous, so the doctor is going to reduce his pain meds and they are trying to use the IV to flush some of the drugs out of his system to help him feel less nauseous so they can get him up and moving around. He had some jello and apple juice this morning and he said the juice was delicious because he was so thirsty. Karen mentioned that he also had one sip of decaf coffee. Chris has a slight fever (~100) that they’re also keeping an eye on, but Karen says it’s not uncommon for Chris to get a fever when he’s not feeling 100%. They did have Chris stand up once last night and once this morning, but since he felt nauseous both times, they haven’t had him move around yet. The goal for today will be to get him to walk a total of 400 yards – so 100 yards four times throughout the day.




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2 responses to “Surgery Update #4

  1. Randy and Kelli

    Thanks for the frequent updates Sarah, they really help us! Here’s to a good weekend for the Baty’s and everybody else.

  2. Randy & Kelli

    “Good Weekend” in the previous comment is to be read quick recovery from surgery, good spirits, good time spent with family.
    Love, Randy & Kelli

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