Sat. Aug. 2nd

Hello to all!  Karen here.   I would like to thank everyone once again for all the thoughts, prayers, food, gifts, and all around support in the last few weeks.  Chris and I appreciate everything everyone has done.  Today Chris is doing much better.  He ate some Jell-O and had some apple juice for breakfast, he had a little soup for lunch.  He’s been up walking 4 times today, each time 150-200 yards.  He napped from 2:00 to 3:30.  His color is much better today.  He’ll be getting up and going to the lounge for dinner, I beleive.  The doctor is currently thinking of sending him home on Monday.  This will all depend on how he eats,  if the pain stays down, and if he can keep walking and moving around the hospital.  The boys went and saw him this morning.  Brenden just looked at everything and talked to Chris about his time with “big grandpa” and Aunt Sarah.  Jaxson, having just been in the hospital a month ago, was pretty unimpressed.  Brenden was clearly happy to see Chris.  He had asked me the night of the surgery why I got to come home from the hospital and Chris had to stay there.  He then said he wanted to go see daddy.  I was able to put him off yesterday by setting up the swimming pool and making it a backyard pool day.  It will be interesting to see if the boys can remember all the “daddy rules” when he gets home on Monday(i.e. no jumping on daddy, no climbing over daddy, daddy can’t lift you, etc.)  That’s about all.  Thanks again to all and we’ll try to keep you updated.

Karen out.



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3 responses to “Sat. Aug. 2nd

  1. cindy yarrington

    Chris –
    It was so great seeing you in Bemidji! I have been constantly praying for you and your family….Thanks to Sarah and Karen for the updates on your blog – it’s great to hear how you are doing….Remember Romans 8:28 – God has an amazing plan for you!!!

  2. Carmen & Ernie

    Chris, Karen and family – you continue to be in our prayers. We wanted to let you know that our Bible Camp is this week and they will be holding you and you family up daily in prayer. May God be with you during this time of healing.

  3. Lois

    Just wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Karen, this is very difficult for you as well as Chris so our thoughts are with you too. Wish we were closer so we, too, could help out. If there is anything long distance, let us know. Love you!! Hugs for the boys. Lois

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