Surgery Update #5

Pete and I went to see Chris last night about 6:30 pm.  We had called ahead and Chris said he was still up for visitors, but turns out I think he was just being typical Chris (i.e. too nice to say “no”).  He’d had a lot of visitors throughout the day and he was clearly exhausted.  The doctors had reduced his pain meds earlier in the day, so he was feeling a little more pain.  He’s been itching a lot from the pain meds, so they had just given him another drug for that, which was in turn making him more tired and nauseous again.  So we only stayed for about 10 minutes.  Chris said he had been up and walking twice during the day, but it really knocked him out each time.  He was concerned he wasn’t going to get his second two walks in, which he assumes will push his release day back to Monday.  Chris’s new friend Pat had graciously brought in a box of chocolates for Chris’s guests.  Always the good host, Chris offered us chocolates right away when we arrived which made me smile – he’s exhausted, nauseous and in pain, but still thinking of others first.  That’s Chris.



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