Ice Cream, I got some ice cream!

Hello, karen updating today.  Chris got his epideral out today.  With that his pain went up also, but not past a 4 on the pain scale.  He was pretty happy about his dinner tonight, cream of chicken soup, milk and ICE CREAM.  For anyone who doesn’t know, Chris loves ice cream.  He said he didn’t eat much of the soup, but ate all the ice cream.  He’s walking around quite a bit.  He’s doing 150-200 yards at a time, about 6 times a day.  He’s hoping to get out tomorrow.  The doctor will be in about 7:30 and reveiw his progress and see how much pain Chris is in.  Chris also has to eat some solid foods.  Brenden’s big questions today are about Chris’s IV.  “Does daddy sleep with it?” “What does he do with it if he’s walking?”  “Does he even go potty with it in?”  The mind of a five year old, always working.  That’s about it for today.  Love to all.



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  1. Diana and Randy Miller

    We are keeping you and your family in our prayers and hoping speedy and complete recovery. I am so glad your Mom (Karen) gave me the website to keep up with your progress. take care and stay strong!!

    God BLESS

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