sleepless in St.Louis Park

Good evening to all.  Karen diong the evening post.  A really long day after a terrible night for Chris.  He didn’t sleep at all last night even after having a sleeping pill and a Vicodin before bed.  His pain went up to a 7 on the pain scale, the worst it has been since surgery.  He made a trip to the bathroom every hour.  He called me this morning and told me about his night and that he was shutting off his phone to get some sleep.  He rested today and got the pain stablized and was feeling better tonight.  If he has a good night tonight and eats well tommorrow, he may be able to go home later tomorrow.  I have a feeling he’ll be there until Thursday because of the high amount of pain his had in the last 24 hours.  He said he was going to read his Bible tonight and pray for a good nights sleep.  Hopefully he gets one.  Another thank you for all the kind offers to help us out.  I’ll probably be taking some of up on those ofers soon.

On a lighter note, Brenden came home from soccer and said “there was a guy on the other team who was so big I could hardly get around him!”  Aunt Sarah verified the kid was really big for his age.  Jaxson really started to hustle on one play, but he was playing on the wrong field. 

That’s it for this evening.  Over and out.



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7 responses to “sleepless in St.Louis Park

  1. Paul Lilienthal


    Paul here. I tried to call you a couple of times today with no success after reading Karen’s updates. I hope the pain subsides for you so you can make the step you want to make and go home. The team at Pictura is thinking of you often and are in our prayers. Karen – let me know if there is anything our goup can do for you and the family – we want to help out in any way possible!

  2. Bob Fallen

    Nice of them to have you walking so soon after surgery, eh? Developing split personalities when it comes to your personal regard for the hospital staff is completely normal: contempt for the rehab nurses who make you walk; and admiration for those who bring the pain meds. Don’t fret about the delay in your return home. It’s just your body telling you to stay a bit longer so that you can be fully prepared for the mauling your children will give you upon your arrival home. Get your rest as best you can and remember: trust what your body tells you! See you soon.

  3. Beth Gould

    I am thinking of you and your family every day. I will be saying a prayer everyday as well. You are in great hands. I hope you can get some better rest. I know you will be glad to get home. You are a strong person and I know you will soon be able to put this behind you. Please let me know if there is anything the Gould’s can do for you. Remember that babysitting offer is always on the table. Much love to you and your family.

  4. Kent and Joy Bahr

    Hi Chris, Hope you had a better night last night. I know you are a handsome bugger, but, you really may go to sleep—- The nurses won’t attack in full force while your sleeping. Your in our prayers day and night! Kent and Joy and crew

  5. Aunt Val & Uncle Eli

    Hi Chris, Karen, and little guys,

    You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers!! We are sorry to hear about your pain and are feeling it with you. You are a survivor and soon the pain will be just a memory. If there is anything we can do, please let us know.

    We Love You,
    Aunt Val & Uncle Eli

  6. Loren Schomaker

    Hi Chris, Karen and all
    I am not one for a lot of words but my thoughts and Prayers are with you.

  7. Sheila Frazier

    Dear Batys,
    I’m a friend of Michelle’s from TX. My husband (Bob) has “been there, done that” this year, too, so we can empathize. Speaking from experience, do NOT hesitate to call on your friends for help and assistance. In addition, do NOT feel one bit guilty about turning off your phone or restricting visitors so that Chris can get all of the rest he needs. These procedures are HUGE and he will need a lot of rest in order for his body to heal properly.
    You are in our thoughts and prayers….our motto: “it is what it is.” You’ll take one day at a time and this, too shall pass.
    Bob & Sheila Frazier

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