Easy come, easy go.

Good evening to all! Karen doing the nightly post.  Last night was a better night, still not great as far as sleep goes, but not so much pain.  Chris did have a straight 5 hours between 10 p.m.-3 a.m. It sounds like the rest of the night was not good sleep.  Dr.Belzer came in this morning and actually drew up release papers to send Chris home tonight.  Chris ate french toast for breakfast and was feeling really good.  Then about 11:00 he started having some nausea and didn’t eat hardly anything for lunch and was still not feeling well later in the day.  His pain has stayed at about a 2 on the pain scale all day with no medication, but the nausea was with him most of the afternoon.  Dr. B. came back in tonight and said since his day was so up and down they would keep him tonight and maybe release him after breakfast tommorrow if he’s doing o.k.  Chris is still doing well with his walking.  Dr B. said his stomach seems to be healing just fine.

A thank you to Sarah and Pete for helping out last night.  Pete set up the Wii game and I’ve already put ground rules down for when it can be played.  Brian Banick, if you hurry over in the next week, you may be able to beat one of the kids in some of the games.  Just don’t take Jaxson on in boxing, or Brenden in golf.   Another note to the Rochester Proex crew-Chris, myself and the boys enjoyed your cards.  The small one sounds very loud in a hospital room.  And do you think you could have found a bigger fish card?  Brenden really likes that fish card.  Thank you again to everyone for everything, particularly our families who have rearranged their schedules to help out with the kids and Chris.  Time to turn off the Wii.  Thank you Paul, the Wii gives me a little time and breathing space.  Karen – over and out.



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2 responses to “Easy come, easy go.

  1. Andrew

    Glad to hear Chris maybe at home soon! I’m sure the boys miss him.

    Everyone at Varsity is thinking about you Chris. We talk almost daily “have you heard from chris?” or “read Chris’ blog today?”

    When you’re feeling up to it, some of us want to come and see you, but we know you need your rest for a while too.

    Love and prayers kid. May the force be with you!

  2. Beth Gould

    I am glad that Chris will be home soon! That will be great! Easy on the Wii big fella!! XO!

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