It’s a numbers game.

What you quickly learn once you have been diagnosed with cancer is there is a whole bunch of numbers that get thrown at you or are accessible to you.  I thought I would throw out a few of the numbers I have been experiencing recently:

170     the number of hours I spent in the hospital

25       the number of nurses that assisted me

5″        the length of the main scar below my belly button, I have a very small 2nd one which is 1″ long.

0         the amount of pills I have taken for pain in past 40 hours

1200   the yards I currently walk per day

0         the number of showers I took in the hospital-yeah I stunk!

20       my record amount of bowel movements in a 24 hour period-yeah maybe I shouldn’t have shared.

2         the number of cancer wrist bands I wear proudly(blue for Colorectal Cancer, yellow for Live Strong)

2         the number of cancer survivors who shared their stories with me in the hospital

1 in 17  the number of people diagnosed every year with Colon Cancer

66%     survival rate from Colon Cancer-can’t wait to push this number higher.

0        the number of patients younger than me on my floor during my entire stay (I will turn 40 soon).

Plan moving forward:

Next Tuesday is the next big appointment for me.  I meet with my Oncologist and I believe he will map out my chemotherapy plan.  The overall plan for the doctors right now is to do their best and chemo away the colon cancer that has road tripped over to the Liver.  Again Dr. Belzer believes the rest of the colon and abdomen are clean, he did have a close-up look during surgery.  If chemo. can’t get rid of all of them but can lower the number to say 2, then I will have Liver surgery to get rid of the rest.  I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.  For now it is still rest, relaxation and strength building (mentally, physically and spiritually) for battle #2.  As long as 8 days in the hospital were for me, I’m sure 6 months of chemo will seem just a little longer.  Already I am starting to quickly get my bearings back.  I feel stronger hour by hour and day by day.  As Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said, “There is no place like home.”

I have to admit I get emotional with every card, gift and note you all leave my family and I.  I can’t believe the amount of goodness, blessing and love that have come out of something this ugly.  I pray that God showers each of you with blessings too, for taking the time to let me/us know that you care.

Stay strong-you know I am,




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13 responses to “It’s a numbers game.

  1. karla summers

    It sounds like u are stayin’ pretty strong through this, God works miracles and with all our prayers he’ll work one for u. God is where I get my strength when my days seem unbareable and I feel alone and sad. So how do u like ur Wii? Got to get stronger so u can show them boys up, they are so cute, i love their pics on here. Home is a good place to be, i think u heal better at home, thats where the love is.
    Take care , Karla

  2. Brad Fritz

    Chris –

    I’m glad you’re home. Congrats on meeting your first challenge head on. Can’t wait to get your expert fantasy football advise soon as my draft is fast approaching. Stay strong!! The Fritz family will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


  3. Jeannie Gildemeister

    Wow, that’s a lot of bowel movements!
    As one of the three women who work for Chris, I can tell you he’s just as great to work for as he must be in the rest of his life, judging by all love and support coming his way. Truly an especially good guy, and a great boss and friend to all.
    Chris, I’m so glad you’re home and on the road to being cured. We miss you and will be happy to have you back at work, but I hope you can take all the time you need to take good care of yourself.
    I think about you and pray for you and your family every day. I know God is watching over you all.

  4. Miriam Ring

    Hi guys,
    Chris, I’m glad to hear that you are home. Please know that you all are in my prayers.

  5. the Bemidji Johnson family

    Chris and family, We are so glad to hear you are home again and ready to begin the next step to recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for strength and healing and with your family for strength and reassurance that everything will be ok again. Sometimes it is harder on those who stand by and can’t do more to help bring things back to normal. God can use you and your family for great things through all of this and will give you the strength you need to be a winner.
    The Johnson’s in the old neighborhood

  6. Beth Gould

    You crack me up! A good sense of humor and positive mental state can help cure anything! You are such a strong person and I am so glad you are getting stronger by the min. I miss you and hope you have a good week ahead of you with plenty of rest. Much love to you! You are right…there is no place like home!

  7. Andrew

    So glad you’re back home. That can work some miracles of its own I’m sure.

    My other friend who is just at the tail end of this went through a very similar set of circumstances as you are. Her positivity and strength is part of what got her through it. Sounds like you have just as much positivity (if not more)… that’s a good thing. Plus friends and family are close at hand – and it’s awesome that Pictura hooked you up.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better every moment and I look forward to looking in on you soon (I’ll bring some movies!).

    Take care friend.

  8. Dave and Melissa Stephani

    Chris – Good to hear the updates! Stay strong and we will keep the prayers coming to you! Dave and Melissa Stephani

  9. Hi Chris,

    Just checking on how you are doing. I’m so glad you made it home. Hospitals are very lonely places even though there’s so many people there. Everybody reads the updates I post at the store and you should all know they are all concerned about how everyone is doing. Keeping you and your family in our prayers.

    Karen and the gang at Proex Apache

    PS: Cindy wanted you to know, she is pregnant with her third. She wants another boy, her husband wants a girl.

  10. Laura

    (It’s the Laura from over in Pictura land)

    I’m so glad to hear you’re at home to rest, there’s nothing like being around your family in familiar surroundings to recuperate. 🙂

    Keep those spirits up and keep on healing, we’re all thinking about you!

  11. Lois

    Hi, Chris! Just popping in to let you know I’m thinking about you:) Do you feel the positive energy I am sending your way? I hope so. I have lots, and I am sharing!

  12. Hey Chris. Pete sent me over here for some reading. I don’t think it compares to you, but I just had me some surgery to remove some malignant melanoma from my shoulder/lymph nodes. I know how you’re feeling, although probably not to the extent. My thoughts go out to you while I wonder how things like this happen. You’ll make it. Someone has too. I will continue to read this and link to it on my blog, if that’s ok.

    Let me know,

  13. Strats

    You forgot a few:

    688 – The highest number of Baty Blog hits in one day (so far).

    5,596 – The total number of Baty Blog hits to date.

    You are inspiring cyber land.

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