A Day with the Baty Boys

Batter up!

Batter up!

Good evening to all!  Karen doing the post tonight as Chris is feeling some what wiped-out.  We were all home today as I had the day off and the boys were home with me.  Chris held his place on the couch.  We  started our morning with a recap of the new “daddy rules”(i.e. do not pull the cords out of dad’s chest, do not grab dad’s”water bottle”)  I call it a water bottle, well, because it looks like a water bottle to the kids.  The boys did well with the recap and we did not have any disconnection issues.  Chris got up and felt o.k. so he decided to take a two mile walk before it got to hot and humid.  He did just fine with it.  The boys in the meantime took in a Ben 10 episode and had their morning juice.  Chris rested then while the boys and I went outside to play for the morning.  Chris actually had 2 slices of pizza for lunch and a 6 inch Subway for dinner.  After lunch we all had naptime.  My parents came later that afternoon and entertained Chris.  The boys spent some time outside with Grandma having a water fight.  I walked outside and Grandma had the hose and was spraying them down.  Now, why didn’t I think of that?  After dinner Brenden had his last bug chasing playdate, I mean T-ball game.  Brenden and his buddy Andrew caught a moth and a grasshopper during warm-ups.  They were very excited about that.  Grandpa Stratton coached first base.  Brenden then received his new gold medal.  Then the boys were wisked away for the weekend by grandpa and grandma.  Yee-ha!   So the rest of the evening our house will be quiet and peaceful for Chris to do some sleeping.  That’s about all for now.  Karen-over and out.



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2 responses to “A Day with the Baty Boys

  1. Larry and Carol

    Hi you. This blog has been wonderful. Sure saves trying to track down your Mom and Dad. Bill and Chuck have called to check on you. I gave them this address, but I don’t know what they did with it. I sent it again. Keith also has it. I had to have Keith show me how to do this. I’m what they call computer deficient. That sounds better than ignorant. You and yours continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. You have to think on the positive about soccer. They will be a year older next year and will be concentrating on the game, oh yeah. Continue to heal.

  2. Chuck Ring

    Our son, Steve has the three kids this week end. So our house is busy again. I hope this divorce gets over soon. Steve lives with us for the last, almost, three years of this divorce.

    We are praying for Chris every day. He had better get well soon. November comes after Sep. you know. Glad to hear that he is doing walking etc.
    I answered the last message I found last week.

    God be with you, Chuck

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