A rollercoaster weekend

Hello to all!  Karen writing tonight as Chris has had a rough afternoon.  He’s running a fever and having some stomach cramping right now.  The boys came back from grandpa and grandma’s house today.  The noise level went up so I took them to a beach for a while so Chris could sleep.  When I got home, he had a fever of 100 and pain at an 8 on the scale.  So I bribed my kids with a toy (bad mommy!) and took them to work with me.  I told them if they could be quiet for 30 minutes we would go to Target and get a toy.  Hence the reason that R2D2 and a jaguar are now living at my house.  And yes I know, many of you have volunteered to watch the boys and I would have taken someone up on it, but Chris had been feeling better earlier today so I thought he was going to do it.  When I got home I preety mich had to leave right away and I knew it was going to be a short meeting.  The boys were good and we were gone long enough for Chris to get some more rest.  Chris has seemed to feel much better in the mornings.  He walked 3 miles this morning and felt pretty good until about 4:00 this afternoon.  He also had a bad night on Friday night when he was cramped up and running a fever. He was up most of the night.  So he’s been up and down, it can change so fast.  He may go to work for half a day tomorrow depending on how he’s feeling.  That’s all I have time for tonight.  Have a great week and I try to keep you up to date if there’s time.




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3 responses to “A rollercoaster weekend

  1. Kelli Lish

    Chris & Karen
    I have been checking your site daily and praying for continued courage, strength and healing. I know it’s hard to imagine now, but there WILL be a time when this to shall pass. Please contiue to embrace all the love and support that has come your way. Karen,I know that you are a wonderful mom! I’ve seen you in action! R2D2 is a very fair trade for some peace! Chris, more blueberry pie for you when we see you next. Love to both of you guys.

  2. Becky from Proex

    Chris & Karen
    Going back to one of the earilier emails Chris asked if there is anything he can do to help him through the process. I spoke with my doctor and he said check out the web site Mercola.com I have some papers I will give Karen. He also said buy a juicer and drink lots of juice organic fruits and veggies preferably they have the anti-oxidents (cancer fighters). He said if you ever want to talk to a second opinion give him a call ( I will give you his card)I also shared your blog with him.

  3. jan buesgens

    Hi Chris and Karen,
    I have been reading your blog, and trying to keep up with your progress chris. I have and will keep saying my prayers for you and the whole family. I wish you well, and hope the treatments, or after effects get a little easier. Love to you and Karen
    Love Jan Buesgens

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