Chemo Set 1, done.

Sorry I haven’t posted for a couple days.  I have been dealing with a few new/old issues, more on that later.

I’m glad to have the first set of chemo. behind me.  I learned a lot about what each one will be like so I will better know what I can and can’t do during the treatment.  As Karen posted a couple days ago, it was a rollercoaster.  The day of my initial injection, I felt pretty good.  Day 2 I felt fatigued and started to lose my appetite.  Day 3 I was more fatigued, got a fever and had to force myself to find something to eat.  I thought I would start to pull out of it on the night of Day 3 as they detached my chemo. bottle that day, but that night was my worst night of sleep.  That night was a weird one and a tough one.  I went to sleep early but found myself with a high fever, a little sick to my stomach and uncomfortable all night.  I slept for only a couple hours.  I actually had visions during the night of first a lady standing in my room coaching me on what I could do to alleviate my pain and fever.  Next my brother was in my room doing the same thing.  The whole experience was unsettling.  Day 4 things started to get a little better, although I was still fatigued (napping in the morning and afternoon) and had no appetite.  Day 5(Sunday) I finally started to come around.  I got up walked 3 miles and then went to church.  At noon Karen went out and got me an Arby’s Roast Beef and Curly Fries as my appetite was back!  The problem was my Colon started to wake up from the Chemo. haze it was in and began to rebel.  I met with my Colon Dr. 10 days ago and he said I could start transitioning back to a regular diet.  Let me tell you those Curly Fries shouldn’t be on anyone’s “regular diet”.  At 3 p.m. on Sunday my roller coaster ride decided to go into a full speed downward spiral.  Karen had left with the boys to give me a chance to nap.  When she got back she found me laid out with a fever of 100 and Colon Cramps that were hitting the pain scale at “8”.  My stomach was so weak I didn’t want to take anything for the pain as I guessed it would come back up.  As I write this right now,  I still have cramps but nothing compared to what they were that night.  Needless to say I didn’t go to work on Monday, but rather laid around and rested.  I managed to keep Cheerios that day down so that is what I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Since I kept that down I treated myself to 1/2 a vicodin.  The vicodin knocked out a lot of the pain.  I had an appointment with the Colorectal Surgeon( Dr. Belzer) today.  Dr. Belzer thinks that I have a lot of extra scar tissue built up due to all the extra surgery, stitching and my distended bowel.  All that scar tissue has added up to a very small circumference inside my colon.  What that means is all the food going through is going to give me some problems for the time being.  He switched me back to a low residue diet (jello, cottage cheese, apple sauce, etc…).  He feels over time that my colon will slowly get back to normal and that the scar tissue will go down.  In the mean time it is a bland diet and vicodin to help me get through this latest challenge.  If I continue to have problems he will get me in for a CT scan in a couple weeks.  As he said it is tough right now to make accurate judgments on what is happening inside my body now that I am on a chemo. regiment too.  I am now down to 162 lbs.  This cancer diet really works!   After all that my Dr. cleared me to work and I did manage to get in almost 5 hours of work today.  It wiped me out.  Seriously I am ready to get off this roller coaster ride right now and find the cheese curds.

Good night and God bless,




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3 responses to “Chemo Set 1, done.

  1. Lois

    sure was great to see you in the break room today, chris:) i’d have offered my mild tabasco sauce , if i thought it would have gone with your yogurt and applesauce, heehee. anyway, nice to see your smiling face! lo

  2. Todd Welch

    5 hours of real work is more than some of us do in a week! Pace yourself man, your making the rest of us look bad by comparison. Just keep thinking, another day closer to being cancer free!

  3. Cindy Yarrington

    Hey, Chris!
    Again, I am praying for you everyday….Thanks for all the updates on the blog…Right now you are feeling like crap, but through this I hope you can see God’s love shining on you – like when you’re co-workers contributed their P.T.O., people who have reached out to you and your family, etc….Of course, I’ve never gone through anything like this, but when we lost our first baby 14 years ago at 19 weeks pregnancy, it felt like the end of the world…Yet, we could see and feel God’s love – with the people He provided as friends and comfort for that time period, to the amazing doctors and nurses He provided when I was in the hospital….
    Anyway, I know, you know, that you are not alone! Congrats on surviving your first chemo round!

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