Where Did August Go?

I’m sure I am not the only one thinking that right now.  I love the Fall so I am not feeling too bad it is over.  Hopefully the rest of you actually got outside and enjoyed the last month of Summer.

I’m one month and a day post surgery.  I’d like to say everything is fine, but I still have my challenges.  I have made it to work the past 4 days, working 8 hours yesterday and 9 hours today.  Work is a nice distraction and I actually feel productive.   Today my staff almost kicked me out the door and I am glad they did.  I continue to have cramping in my colon so I decided to spend the last half of the afternoon on the phone with my team of nurses and doctors.  Long story short, they agreed with me that things aren’t quite where they should be and scheduled me for a CT Scan.  I believe that most of Dr. Belzer’s patients by this point are on a regular diet and are not taking Vicodin to deal with their pain.  I’m thankful for my surgeon, Dr. Belzer.  He was nice enough (bold enough) to sign off on the scan.  I am guessing CT’s are expensive so I had to ask my Oncologist and Surgeon to consult on this one.  I guess if they both agreed then either the Insurance companies or their Superiors would agree that the procedure was necessary and they wouldn’t get in trouble.  I think that they really want to help their patients but are bound by certain constraints.

My CT scan is next Tuesday morning.  They will be looking for a blockage of somewhere in the colon.  If the blockage is bad enough, then I am admitted and they do another surgery to cut out the blockage.  The blockage could be scar tissue, food or just the way it healed.  My guess is that my colon is similar to a garden hose that is pinched off in a couple places.  Any food I eat gets stuck in one of the pinched off areas.  That causes the colon behind the pinched off area to expand and swell, that’s when I feel the pain.  The pain goes away as the food or gas slowly gets through that pinched off area and then moves to the next section.   The more food I eat or the bigger the meal, the more pain then I get to feel (hey what a great rhyme!)  so I am staying with a low residue/liquid diet.  If I can get away with fruit/veggie/protein shakes for the better part of the weekend, I will probably feel better.

Overall I still feel pretty good.  I still walk about 3 miles per day (it just takes me a good hour of resting before and a good hour afterwards to recover).  The Chemo. effects have all worn off and I feel pretty good (other than that little colon pain problem).  The kids are doing great.  Karen had the day off and took them to the beach twice!   Poor Brenden’s world is going to come crashing down, as he starts Kindergarten in less than a week.  We have been mentally preparing him for it for 6 months and he has visited with his teacher twice, so it won’t be too bad.   Lucky for Karen and I we have other mental things to focus on so sending our first kid off to school won’t be as traumatic as I worried it was going to be-it’s all about perspective.

Off to take another Vicodin-sweet dreams everyone,



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