Super Wife/Mom

Karen continued and continues to keep the kids and family moving forward, especially last week as the Chemo. hit me pretty hard Thur-Sat.  Finally on Sunday afternoon I started to pull out of it a little bit, but of course the Football season started so I had to fake sick for another couple days.  Actually today I did manage to work 9 hours and didn’t feel too bad.  Also, I would like to quietly tell everyone that the cramps have gone away so I am off the Vicodin!   I say quietly as just when I think I am past something, something new pops up to challenge me.

Super Wife/Mom-Karen has pretty much done it all since I was diagnosed.  She has kept the boys “normal” lives functioning, bringing and getting them from their sports and schools.  Next week she adds swim lessons back into their schedules. Besides all of the running to and from activities she:   gets them up, dressed, fed, off to school/daycare, picks them up, feeds them again, does the dishes, keeps them off me, cleans the house, mows the yard, bathes them, entertains them, ploices their Wii video game playing, gets them ready for bed and then gets them too bed.  Also, she works full time which varies between 36-44 hours a week depending on her photo shoots.  She doesn’t have much time left over for her sanity.  I am constantly amazed at the human spirit throughout this experience-especially of the Mom’s/Wives in these situations.  A few I have witnessed over the past few years-Leah Stephani, Tammy Stokes, Heather Tidd and Kelly Fagerstrom.  All of them had either children or husbands who fought or continue to fight horrible diseases.  It is my unbelievable privilege to get to witness my own Super Wife/Mom on a daily basis.  So for today/tonight I just ask that you say a little prayer for my Super Wife/Mom as the stress on Karen can really add up.



p.s.  I know many of you have helped out with the boys over the past two months and many more have volunteered-please don’t think we have forgotten about you (Grandma/Grandpa Stratton, my Mom, Uncle Dave and Aunt Jill, Sarah and Pete).  For those of you who haven’t gotten to take part in the Baty Boy experince, don’t worry I got at least 6 month window of opportunity available!


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  1. karla summers

    Sending lots of prayers ur way, sounds like an amazing wife/mommy. I give her a lot of credit, I don’t think I could do it all.


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