A Weekend Getaway

Hello, and good weekend to all.  Karen posting today, however Chris gave me the title for todays blog.  For most people, a trip to the North Shore, a trip to the Dells, or maybe even a quick flight to Vegas is the ideal weekend getaway.  But not Chris.  This weekends getaway is the Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park.  Where else can you be waited on hand and foot, day or night? 

Chris started having cramps on Friday night around 5 p.m.  They continued to get worse.  At about 8:30 he talked to the doctor on duty and the doctor said if the cramps get worse, vomiting starts, or you start running a temp, call me and I may have you come into the ER.  Chris’s pain went up to an 8 on the pain scale.   Of course our hero started having all 3 of these problems and didn’t call again until 7 a.m. He then got Dr Belzer and Dr B. said to get his butt into the ER right away.  I took Chris in about 8 a.m. this morning (thank you Becky and Tina for helping me out at work!)  He was put on a IV and received some Morphine and anti-nausea meds right away.  They then took him to X-ray and found he has a soft obstruction in his colon.  Essentially what that mean is he has a lot of air and gas and some food blocking his tube.  The doctor said his colon is ” mad” at him and has responded by shutting down.  For those who are not doctors, the colon supplies water to loosen things up down there.  So Chris is blocked up.  They are hoping all the fluids form the IV help flush everything out.  So, Chris has been admitted back into the hospital for who knows how long.  The doctor this morning said a couple of days, Chris called and said on some paper work he saw an estimated release date of Sept. 18th(Happy Anniversary to us!)  So, he’s in room 496 but has asked me tolet everyone know not to contact him today(Sat.) because he got no sleep last night and is exhausted.  He will hopefully be feeling better tomorrow and start taking visitors and calls later in the day.  I told him he did this so he could watch uninterrupted football all weekend and will probably just poop on Monday night after football is over.  That got a smile from him.  I have to go give Grandma Stratton a break, she zipped over on a moments notice and has been chasing Jaxson all morning (who in turn has been fighting Darth Vadar and other evil forces).  Thanks Mom! I go back to the hospital after dinner and will update if things change.  Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes.  We need and appreciate them all.  Over and out.




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5 responses to “A Weekend Getaway

  1. karla summers

    Sorry to hear things arent going real good and Chris is in pain again and in the hospital……tell him thanks u needed a vacation too. I think u deserve a spa treatment . I give u alot of credit Karen, for all u do. I’m glad u have help from friends and family, sending my prayers to all of u.


  2. Marian Sandell

    Chris, you have to remember how important fluids are! You dhould always have some water or juice at your side. The colon extracts water from your body, and if there’s not enough, you’ll end up with a blockage! Also, I used to put ginerale on top of prunes for Dick, to eat, to keep his bows loose! They taste good, and it helps! Love, Marian

  3. Kelli Lish

    Well, I guess that’s one way to get “pampered”. Don’t let this road bump get in the way of your fighting spirit and optimism. You are overcoming everything that has been thrown at you and will continue to do so until the cancer is licked. Keep those gloves on!

  4. Beth Gould

    I am glad you are in a place where they can tend to you right away. I hope that they can get you back home as soon as possible. I am so sorry you have been having troubles and I will continue to say a daily prayer for you. Much love to you and your beautiful family.

  5. Becky from Proex

    No thanks needed I got your back girl! If there is ever anything else I can do just ask!!!

    HUGS to you both!!! Becky

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