Back to the drawing board

Good evening to all!  Karen posting again tonight as Chris is still residing in Hotel Colonfailure.  Yes, that’s right folks the colon has collapsed and if it doesn’t fix itself by tomorrow afternoon, Chris and Dr. B. will tango again on Thursday-start time yet to be announced.  The current plan is if he has surgery to cut out the bad part (which I believe is 14 cm.) and sew it back together.  If things look really bad when they go in, Chris may have to get a bag.  Not something he wants, but may have no choice.   I’ll post tomorrow & keep y’ all updated.

On a happier note, our sons both started swim lessons tonight.  They both did an awesome job.  Jaxson was sporting his new blue ear plugs.  He got in the water and put his head immediately under water.  Excellent!  Brenden got in and swam about 10 feet without any help (doggy paddle-but who cares!)  Brenden got done with lessons and walked up to me and said ” Mom! Can you believe it?  I swam all by myself!”  He was so excited.  I need to run as motherhood beckons.  Have a wonderful evening.




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3 responses to “Back to the drawing board

  1. Beth Gould

    Thinking of you! Stay strong and keep that spirit high as you have been doing. You will be home before you know it. Love to you!

  2. Marian Sandell

    If you do have to get a colostomy bag, it’ll priobably just be a temporary,–remember, you have 12 feet of colon, so you can spare some gone. Don’t give up hope–and with a big–all you do is empty it and keept it clean. It isn’t a bad thing- Love, cousin Marian

  3. Sheila Frazier

    Dear Baty’s,

    Sheila Frazier here – friend of Michelle King’s in Texas. Take it from the wife of someone who has “been there, done that,” the “bag” sounds more daunting than it actually is. Bob had an ileostomy (temporary) bag for nearly six months and while there is an adjustment period, our philosophy (in addition to “it is what it is”) was that “it could be worse.” Bob has since had his stoma reversed and is working to regain normal functionality – because Bob’s cancer was rectal, this process can take up to two years and may not be successful. Right now, he takes several steps forward and a few back. All in all, it IS progress–today is one of those backward days 😦 However…….we have discussed the “what ifs” this doesn’t totally work and he would have to go back to a stoma – this time, the permanent colostomy. My grandmother lived most of her adult life with a colostomy and let me tell you, “it ain’t your grandma’s colostomy anymore!” The world of stomas and their supplies have come a long way and it is NOT the ordeal it used to be.

    We will continue to keep you all in our prayers and just know that if Chris does end up with a stoma, you have friends in Texas who can provide information, experience and support.

    Hang in there………big hugs,

    Sheila (& Bob, too!)

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