Surgery update #1

Karen just called and said that Chris went into surgery about 1 pm.  Dr. Belzer doesn’t know how long it will take since he doesn’t know what he’s going to have to do until he sees what’s going on.  Hopefully we’ll get another update out soon.




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4 responses to “Surgery update #1

  1. Paula Pilrose

    I am praying for you – and recruiting others to add theirs also – I’m in Nashville, so you know there is a good group here adding theirs too.

  2. Kent

    Chris and Karen, Want you to know Chris’ old youth group prayed for you last night, too! There was about 125 kids and adults there. We are going to see you through this bud! From 1 Peter Cast all your cares on Him for he cares for you. Kent and Joy

  3. Aunt Val & Uncle Eli

    Hi Chris and Karen,


    You have been in our thoughts and prayers and they are continuing constantly.

    We Love You!!

  4. Lo

    Hi, Chris! Hang in there. So, you and Karen pick a different day down the line to really celebrate your anniversary! Feel that positive energy? It’s the power of prayer. Lois

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