Surgery Update #2

Chris is finally out of surgery – surgery was about 6 hrs long.  That was a long 6 hrs waiting by the phone and I was so relieved when Karen called (although she hadn’t yet seen Chris).  Dr. Belzer essentially did the same colon resection surgery he did last time…he removed an additional 4 inches of colon.  It sounds like that portion of Chris’s colon was fused to itself (similar to last time) so it took a while to get it apart and remove the 4 inches, and they also had some bleeding problems – sounds like they nicked the spleen and due to Chris’s low platelet count, it bleed a lot.  Karen said that Dr. Belzer had to call in some backup for an extra set of hands because there was so much going on.  It sounds like Chris will be in the hospital for at least another 7 days, probably longer.  Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers today!  Please keep them coming during Chris’s recovery.


10:30 PM update: Chris is still in recovery.  He’s having some pain, so they’re trying to get that controlled before moving him back to his room.


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