Post-surgery update

Karen called this morning.  Chris didn’t get out of recovery until about 11 pm last night.  Chris is really groggy this morning, although he did tell the nurses he wanted to get up and walk, and they obliged.  Chris can’t talk much right now because his throat is really sore from having a breathing tube in it for so long.  Chris’s family and Karen will be there throughout the day, but Karen said that Chris really needs his rest today, so she’s asking that people try to refrain from visiting and calling today.  Chris’s pain is at about a 5 (on a scale of 1 to 10), and that’s with a lot of pain meds.  Karen will try to update the blog later today to let everyone know how Chris is doing.




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5 responses to “Post-surgery update

  1. Beth Gould

    Hang in there Chris. I hope you can feel all the love, prayers and healing thoughts that are coming your way. Stay strong and get your rest. I will continue to send you healing messages! Much love to you and your family.

  2. Diana and Randy Miller

    Stay strong Chris and know we are all praying for you.

  3. Steve

    I checked your line-up for Loser Bowl and you are pretty well set for week # 3. The only question would be Rivers or McNabb at qb and whether or not you want to sneak Patrick Crayton in your line-up for the Sunday Night Game. Rivers plays on Monday night. As it stands, McNabb is your qb and Crayton is on your bench. I will monitor the situation and make any changes if needed. I will call you on Saturday…..

  4. Sheila

    Good girl, Karen! Glad to see that you feel comfortable asking your friends to refrain from calling and/or visiting. Surgery and hospital stays can be extremely stressful and while you appreciate everyone’s thoughtfulness, your first and foremost obligation is to the patient – your husband. It sounds like you have a wonderful support system and they WILL understand and will be more than happy to help in other ways and/or offer up their prayers in lieu of a visit!!
    God bless you all….sending prayers from Texas!

  5. Lois and Don

    Hey Karen and Chris! Hang in there. We admire your strength but also know that sometimes you don’t feel strong. You are in our prayers! We send hugs and love to you both.

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