The Day After

Good evening to you all.  I hope your week went well.  Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes yesterday.  Chris had a long day, along with Dr. B.  Dr. Belzer started his first surgery at 7:30 and ended Chris’s surgery around 7:15 last night.  Chris is doing o.k. today.  He has a lot of pain.  They could not do an epidiral this time because his platelet count was too low.  He has a button to push, but he’s limited to how much he gets.  He said the pain is much worse this time around.  He’s having a lot of cramping.  He looked good tonight( a lot better than last night!) His throat is still sore, so he shouldn’t be talking too long.  He did get up and walk 3 times today in the halls.  He really wants to get better so he can get back to the chemo and get everything done with.  At times it’s just hard to watch him in so much pain, especially when he came out of surgery last night.  He was in recovery for 3 hours because they were trying to get the pain under control.  When I saw him I knew he was still in a lot of pain.  But he’s a trooper.  He still has a great attitude.  He was teasing the nurses yesterday morning before his surgery by jogging down the hall saying “Look at me! I’m running!”  The nurses told him ” there is no running on the fourth floor Chris!”  And he just smiled and said “but I feel well enough, I can run.”  Well, he won’t be doing that for a while again.  He will be in the hospital for at least another 6 days. 

Me?  I just tapped into a lovely bordeaux, which I am sharing with my parents.(Thank you, Pat!)  It’s an anniversary gift I received yesterday.  Chris told me to have a glass for him since he won’t be drinking for a while. (Our anniversday was yesterday for those who didn’t know.)  So I’m going to go finish my wine and try to get some shut eye.  I’ll try to post tomorrow.  Oh, Happy 85th Grandma!  I’m sorry I missed your party.  Also, Happy 50th Aunt Karen!  Thanks for all you’ve done for us!

And thank you all again for everything you all have done for us.  Chris and I feel we are the most blessed people to have such amazing support!  Good Night and God bless!




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2 responses to “The Day After

  1. Sheila

    Your sense of humor and love will get you through this……sometimes Bob would say, “just holding your hand makes me somehow feel better.”

    Keep laughing.

    Keep holding hands.

    It IS a struggle, but you WILL get through this and will come out the other side stronger than when you went in.

    Hugs from Texas,


  2. Dawn

    Looked in on you while I was working today but you were resting. Dr Svendsen said you were hanging in there when he rounded. Keep the faith Chris! I hope you were once again treated well by my friends in the OR. I will stop in later in the week and hopefully you will on your way out the door.
    Hang in there,
    Dawn Heller

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