Another tube

Sarah here again.  Dr. Belzer ordered a drainage tube for Chris again this morning – the tube goes in through the nose and down to the stomach and removes fluid that has built up.  Dr. B said the fluid is not uncommon after surgery.  So Chris started to feel a tad better after the tube was inserted and some fluid was drained, but he still had dry heaves throughout the day, so he’s still not feeling well.  Karen talked to Chris a while ago and it sounded like he might be feeling a little better, but he’s extremely tired as it’s been difficult for him to sleep for the past few days. It’s also difficult for him to talk with the tube in his throat.  So he still has a “visitor and phone call ban” for the time-being.

Throughout this process we’ve learned that while there has been a lot of bad news, we occasionally get some good news, albeit “small” good news, but we’ll take whatever we can get.  Chris got some good news today – Dr. Belzer said the CT scan he had done yesterday looked really good.  In fact, I believe he said that Chris’s colon looked really good – I’m quite certain that’s the first time we’ve heard that.  So let’s hope that the colon is working okay, and this fluid issue is just temporary, and Chris is feeling better tomorrow.



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  1. Sheila

    “Chris’s colon looked really good.” Whoo-hoo!! Small good news. Big good news. Anyway you slice it, it is still GOOD news – take it when you get it and run with it!

    Sending good thoughts and prayers from Texas!


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