Another day in Paradise

Hello! Karen posting tonight.  Chris had a disappointing day.  He was looking forward to getting the drainage tube out of his nose/throat and Dr.B. said maybre this afternoon, Chris just had to have a CT scan before they took it out.  Well, the CT scan showed a small blockage in his small intestine so they’re going to keep the tube in.  It frusterates him because he can’t talk withkit in, or sleep, and it’s hard to walk.  He also knows he can’t eat until it’s out and the longer he can’t eat the longer he has to stay in the hospital.  So he just wants to get everything moving along, he’s getting tired of being in the hospital although the staff has been really wonderful with him.  He misses going to work and seeing everyone and he’s missing the boys.  Brenden and Jaxson both asked to see daddy tonight, but I think they may freak if they see the tube coming out of his nose, so I put them off onto Grandpa tonight.  On that note I need to get them to bed.  Chris still can’t talk on the phone, so I’ll try to keep everyone up to date.  Another big thank you to everyone for all the prayers, gifts and offers to help.  Don’t worry, we will be taking you up on your offers.  My parents have been here for the past 2 weeks, so we’ve had a lot of extra help. My sister Sarah, Pete  and Chris’s mom are pinch hitting for the next few days.  Thank you all, Chris and I are so blessed to have such an amazing support system with all the family and friends.  We don’t have the words to say how much we appreciate everything.  Sweet dreams.




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5 responses to “Another day in Paradise

  1. Aunt Val & Uncle Eli

    Hi Chris, Karen, and Little Guys,

    We’re sending big hugs to each of you. Your are in our constant thoughts and prayers. We’re praying for a good night for you–lots of sleep and sweet dreams.

    God Loves You and so do we!!

  2. Paula Pilrose

    Hey Chris,
    We’re all pulling for you – keep up the good fight.

  3. Lo

    yeah, what paula said:)

  4. karla summers

    Sorry to hear things are so rough going, hope things start going better soon. This must be really hard on the boys not being able to see daddy, wish i was closer to help. Tell Chris hello and we all send our love and prayers that way. Karen, I’m sending hugs to you and the boys, keep strong.

  5. Your Brother

    I am here praying for you! Whatever you need. Proverbs 17:17
    Love, Dave

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