Wed. morning update

Chris is feeling just a bit better again today, but still not feeling very well.  Sounds like the nausea is under control, but he only got about 2 hrs of sleep last night, so he’s completely exhausted.  He’ll need his rest today, so the “visitor and phone call ban” is still in effect…thanks for your understanding.  He actually can’t answer his phone right now anyway – it’s a little unclear why, but I think it has something to do with all the tubes that are connected to him.

Please keep those thoughts, prayers, and good vibes coming!




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2 responses to “Wed. morning update

  1. Suzy

    Miss you at work, but I’m sure your not thinkin’ of us. Don’t blame you I wouldn’t either. Hey were still prayin’ here at the Welch house. Get better!

    Welchs :]

  2. Judy Emery -Bemidji

    Hi Chris & family-
    Know that I check your blog a couple times a day & pray for all of you many times a day!

    We are cheering for you up here in Bemidji!

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