A double “J” day?

Hello! Karen posting tonight.  Just a quick note as I curently have 2 little boys with runny noses and are both looking for some mommy love.  Chris had another good day today.  He’s looking forward to a possible double J day tomorrow – Juice and Jell-O.  Doesn’t sound so good to me, but to someone who has not had anything but ice chips in 2 weeks it sounds pretty darn good.  If everything goes o.k. tonight, he gets to eat.  He did find out his recent problems were from an infection in his throat from the tube he had.  He is currently being treated with antibiotics along with all his other drugs.  He’s looking forward to his football day tomorrow.  He’s pretty tired of being in the hospital, but probably won’t be out before Wed. or Th. at the earliest.  Thank you for all the prayers.  He’s still hoping all his healing in his colon is going o.k.

Sweet Dreams,




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3 responses to “A double “J” day?

  1. Andrew

    Jugs o juice and jiggly jell-o. Jammin!

    Glad you’re doing well Chris. Keep up the good fight!

  2. Laurie T

    Even though I noticed days ago – I wanted to say great update on Chris’s photos. That is the smile I saw the day before last weeks surgery and remember from each time we see you guys!
    I am so glad to hear that things are going better this weekend. I hope you had your fill of football with your juice and jello today!

  3. Hi Chris,

    I’m glad you finally got to eat something. Ice chips are pretty boring after awhile. Glad to here your on the mend. You and your family are in my prayers. Keep smiling!!!! Karen and the gang from Rochetser.

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