A new wardrobe?

Hello! Karen writing tonight.  Chris had a ground breaking day as he received food for the first time in 16 days.  He had a feast of Cherry Jell-O and juice for lunch, and some beef broth and orange ice chips for dinner.  Yum Yum!  So far so good.  No pain since he started the food.  He was weighed today.  On July 30th he was 186 lbs., he is now at 152.  He asked me to make sure to bring a belt before he goes home so the entire hospital does’t see his flowered boxers.  I told him he may need some skinny pants until he puts some weight back on.  I have to go now, Jaxson says he saw green aleins-one is a baby one I guess. (he has a cold and seems to be a little out of it)  Chris doesn’t get to see the boys for a while as they both have a cold.

Good night.




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4 responses to “A new wardrobe?

  1. Laura A

    It’s good to hear you’re doing better, we’re thinkin’ bout’cha! 🙂

    (And thank you for posting updates on Chris’ behalf!)

  2. Bob Fallen

    Like we talked about before, be prepared for massive weight loss! Always looking at the bright side … think about how much fun it will be trying to gain the weight back.

  3. Jason Block

    Hey Chris-

    Shauna and I have been keeping up with your site and wanted to wish you well.

    It’s great to hear you’re doing better. You’ve got a lot of people behind you, which is not surprising considering how you’re always there for everyone.

    Keep fighting. We’re thinking and praying for you.


  4. karla summers

    So glad to hear Chris is doing better, sad to hear the lil ones are sick and cant see daddy. My lil one has been really sick lately and I know the stress and how tired you can get when they dont feel good. Make sure and get rest yourself Karen, hugs to all of you.

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