Life is good.

Life continues to turn back into normal-at least for a 3 weeks, until I start chemo. again.  My strength and endurance continues to come back, although by 8 p.m. each night I am shot.

I worked over 8 hours both of the past two days.  Everyone at work has been very helpful and understanding, including several of my customers who also read this blog.  My boss and GM have also been very supportive and patient with my situation.  I am lucky that I am able to jump in and out of work without letting my fellow employees and customers down.  Several employees got together and got me a Juicer for my 40th birthday, so I am sure I will spend this coming weekend creating all kinds of new mixtures.

Last night I got to attend my kid’s swimming lessons(first time this Fall).  I was amazed to see Brenden actually knows how to swim!  He doggy paddles with the best of them over 5-10 feet of water.  Jaxson loves the water, unless it gets in his ears.  Jaxson just seems to enjoy interacting with his class and teacher.

This time between hospital stay and the next round of chemo already seems like a great family vacation, even though we are just living our “normal” lives again.  I am glad my chemo got pushed back as it gives a us all a little break to pretend life is normal again.

I want to leave you with a very inspirational story.  A guy named Nathan who Sarah(my sister-in-law) works with ran in the Twin Cities Marathon last week.  He achieved his personal best (2 hrs and 53 minutes to run 26.2 miles…very impressive).  Before the race he saw a cancer booth where you could right the name of a cancer patient you wanted to run for.  He decided to choose to run for me, even though we have never met and he doesn’t know my last name.

Click on the link below to see how Nathan’s race went-it is very touching.  I still can’t believe how this disease has created a web of love and caring around myself and my family.

God Bless,




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3 responses to “Life is good.

  1. Michelle (Hoppe) Trettel

    Hi Chris and Karen

    A little bird(Blum) told me about your battle. I’ve been following your blog, not knowing quite what to say, but sending you the power of prayer. We are happy to read that you are feeling better and have returned to work and normal life. We wish you the best in the coming months, and if you need anything just give us a buzz. When you get done with this lets meet at Pasqueles. Brian and Bryan can pickup the tab! I had to get one little joke in. Take Care
    P.S. Your kids are cute!

    Michelle (Proex)

  2. Pat Groeper

    Chris and Karen,
    I am ever so thankful that you are seeing that you two are truely an inspiration!! As painful as this has been for all of you, your journey has touched so,so many lives!! Is’nt normal wonderful !! Please know that our thoughts and prayers continue everyday!!! We love that you change pictures on the blog so we can see everyone. It’s so incredible to see all so smiles!!

  3. Mike

    I just heard and am glad to see you are seeing some good out of this tough time. It’s great to see how normal can be good.

    Your notes here will make me hug my kids just a bit harder tonight. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I’m glad you are enjoying your “normal” vacation.

    You’re definitely in my prayers. Keep it up an keep pushing.

    Take Care,

    ps: if you’re not sure which Mike this is “WOLF789” brother LOL

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