Getting stronger

All is well right now.  My body is working well, although I tend to over eat as my appetite is back.  I am guessing that over the past two weeks I have gained 8 lbs. back.  I am still on my low residue diet right now, although as of this Friday the doctor said to start going back to my normal diet.

I visited with Dr. Belzer last Friday morning.  He said l looked great and was surprised that I was already back to work.  He said from here on in that he would not need to see me anymore.   His part of my cancer battle is done.  He said he will keep tabs on me through Dr. Duane, my Oncologist.  I told him about my roommate (his former patient), James, that he had died.  Dr. Belzer said he was not surprised as James had cancer throughout his abdomen (I did not know that), along with the colon and Liver.  Lastly Dr. Belzer reviewed my collapsed colon with me again.  He and a Pathologist spent time discussing the how and why it happened, with no results.  Only 4 inches of the colon had collapsed and it was not gradual.  The colon looked normal on both ends of the collapsed area.  Neither of them had seen that happen before.  Also that means they can’t guarantee that it would not happen again-not reassuring.  But somehow I still think it feels different this time.  After my Dr. Appt. I couldn’t help but re-visit my old 4th floor.  There was only a couple of my nurses working and my chaplin.  It was fun seeing them without all the tubes connected, looking relatively healthy.

Last week and weekend was tiring.  I did manage to get 35 hours in at work.  Also managed to help out around the house and even go on a 2-3 mile nature walk with the family on Saturday.  After my big walk I was exhausted and napped for about 2 hours.  It feels very weird being this weak for so long, but as the dr. pointed out 2 major surgeries in 7 weeks time will do that to you.  All weekend was relaxing and fun just spending time with the family.

This week is already starting off with a bang.  I worked almost 10 hours today and am still standing-well almost.  A week and 1/2 left before Chemo and I am loving every minute of it.  As always thanks for all the notes, thoughts, gifts and prayers.  I am always amazed at all the love and caring that has came out of this.

God bless,




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3 responses to “Getting stronger

  1. Hi Chris & family,
    Very sorry to hear about your friend. Yes, cancer is horrible. Will we ever come to a happy medium on some cures? I sure hope so. I am very happy to hear your coming along so good. Do not over do things now. HA!! I will keep having you and Karen in my prayers. Love Jan Buesgens

  2. Mark Vesta

    Hi Chris,
    I heard about your situation from Brian B. and John O. As crummy as it sounds that is has been, you appear to be getting stronger. Good for you! My family and I will continue to pray for you, Karen and the boys.


  3. Jolleen Weick

    Hi Chris,
    I am Jolleen and a nurse on E5 at the Mayo Bldg. I worked with Dianne as she was Dr. Gibson’s secretary and I am his Nurse.
    I am so glad you are doing better and back to work. I hope it continues forever.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day.
    May God Bless,
    Jolleen Weick

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