Game on!

Today I jumped back into the battle with cancer.  My Dad attended this session with me, as he did the last one.  I first had my blood draw and then met with a nurse practitioner to review my overall health and blood levels.  During my consultation I asked if I should get a flu shot.  They thought that would be a good idea and that it looked like my blood work could handle it-even though my white blood cell counts were a little low.  I then was called back for the 3 hours chemo session.  I even got a free lunch out of this one as it was over the noon hour.  Near the end of my session I reminded the IV nurse that I was supposed to get a flu shot.  She said she would check her records and then give it to me at the end of the session.  So I get finished with my Chemo and she gives me the shot.  Within 30 seconds my neck, stomach/chest and back all break out in red splotches.  Then the nurse says something I am beginning to hear a lot of, “I have never seen this before”.  The good news is that within 5 minutes all the splotches faded, you could actually watch them disappear.  All she/we could figure out is that I had a negative reaction to something they add to the flu shot.  This of course delayed my departure for another 30 minutes(again are we all seeing a trend in my health=side effects/set backs/delays, etc…).  The delay worked out for the best ,though, as one of my fellow cancer support members (and colon cancer survivor) showed up to shower me and my family with gifts.  Now for those of you who have been visiting me in the hospital and at my house I don’t even have to mention her name.  But for those of you reading this from far away, let me introduce you to her.  Her name is Pat Groeper.  Pat probably visited me in the hospital 7-8 times over the two stays.  She has checked on me during 2 if not all 3 chemo sessions.  Pat and her husband (Burl-another cancer survivor whose battle still continues) have even made it down to drop off even more presents at our house throughout this whole battle.  I think my kids think she is another type of Santa Claus, they even write her thank you cards.  All and all she is just another amazing person I have been blessed to meet along this journey.  Please say a prayer of blessing for Pat and Burl and continued healing for Burl’s battle.

Thanks to all who continue to pray for me.  Those prayers must be working as my overall health and strength continues to seep back into my body.  I keep getting up and working as soon as I can and even have added back in 2-3 mile walks.  Also, after my first 2 sessions it showed the tumors were shrinking, so lets hope and pray that continues as I get back into my chemo routine again.

Good night all,




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3 responses to “Game on!

  1. Beth Gould

    Take care…thinking of you!

  2. Aunt Val & Uncle Eli

    Leaving you a note to let you know that you have been in our thoughts, prayers, and conversations. Last night we (Carla, Donna, Chip, Karla, and the little ones) were together for supper, and as normal we visit about reading your ‘Blog’ and how you are doing. We are all very happy to read how things have been going the last two weeks. Keep up the good work.

    We all love you and your family!!

  3. Andrew

    Whew! I bet that was a bit scary (the red splotches I mean). Glad to hear it was just a minor reaction. Add that to the list of things you kicked in the ass this week.

    Awesome you have so many great people in your life like your friend, Pat. It must feel really nice to know you’re so loved.

    Cheers brother.

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