Another Quick Post

Again I feel all those thoughts, prayers and well wishes are doing their work.  I did very well through this last chemo session.  I actually felt a little better through this one and recovered a little quicker.  I have a bad feeling that my next one won’t be quite as easy, but you never can tell.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday were typical down days last week; with feelings of nausea, fatigue, and not being able to touch or drink cold (over even mildly cold) drinks.  I know the syptoms probably get a little worse as I don’t drink enough liquids over those 3 days each session.  The good news is I had an appetite and usually tried to eat my way out of feeling sick.  That worked part of the time and the other part of the time I still had to take my pills.  I went to work today and had no problem working my 8 hours.  The boys and Karen are all feeling pretty well.  Brenden and Jaxson are finally starting to get over their colds.  Again, I feel blessed as their must have been a protective bubble over me as I didn’t catch a cold from my guys or people at work.  This week the guys are on their count down to Halloween.  As a Halloween trick (or treat depending on your perspective) I actually may post pictures of my scars.  I need to talk it over with my advisers to get their thoughts before I expose more of myself to the world.  Before I do that I promise I will get some normal pictures of myself on the web page.  For those of you who haven’t seen me recently, I don’t look a whole lot different.  Now if I could only find a photographer with 15+ years of experience to take my pictures…

God bless,



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One response to “Another Quick Post

  1. hi chris,
    lois made me aware of your blog, so i am following from far away.
    here, in my imaginary land, we take rhododendron honey from the pyrenees to balance the efects of chemio on your body. if that should help you, i’d be glad to have told you about it.
    if not, just don’t mind me 🙂
    take care,
    thinking of you,
    Lois’ imaginary friend.

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