Happy (?) Halloween

For all you Iron Rangers, Bemidjians, South-Western Minnesotans, St. Cloudians, Backus-Folk, Ohioans, Georgians, Texans, Cheeseheads(Wisconsinites just didn’t sound right), Iowans, Canadiens, Illinoisians, Californians, New Yorkers and all the rest of you who I may be forgetting-below I have add a picture of me from today.   I thought I should post something so you can see I’m actually looking fairly normal (again feel free to add joke here).  As my Mother-in-law will confess, I do look a lot better in this picture than the day Sarah brought me home from the hospital.  They just keep knocking me down, but I keep getting back up.

Also, after deep deliberation with my esteemed advisors (really there was just one and all she did was shrug her shoulders) on whether we should expose myself further or not.  We(I) decided why the heck not.  So in the Halloween spirit I have added a picture of myself without the shirt-yes it is a bit scarry (mis-spell and pun intended) to the “About Me” page of this website.  So for those of you less than enthused about seeing all that, just don’t click on the “About Me” page, or if you do just don’t look below the cute picture of Karen and the boys.   For those of you who don’t know how to navigate through web pages, look at the top of this page and find the words “About Me”.  Move your cursor over those words and click your mouse.  You will then go the only other page I have on this website.

Happy Halloween!



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8 responses to “Happy (?) Halloween

  1. sarah

    I can’t decide if that photo is GQ, or if it’s more like “first day of work”. Regardless, you look way better (and less sweaty) than the day you left the hospital and insisted on taking stairs through the hospital and parking ramp and I thought you were going to pass out on me. Karen would have kicked my ass, so thanks for staying upright!

  2. Pat Groeper

    Looking good!!!! Did Belzer charge you extra for giving you a ready made Halloween costume?? Now go out and celebrate,celebrate a scary Halloween with that wonderful family of yours !!! We’ ve seen enough of you now put some pictures of those boys and beautiful wife up !! I know you guys can get SOMEONE that knows how to take pictures!!!
    All of you have a great Halloween!
    Pryers and love

  3. Marja

    Hi! It is your very distant cousin on the Wiinanen side. It is unfortunate that this has been what has reconnected me to you and your family but I love reading the website. It is amazing your attitude through this whole thing. I am sure it is not easy to always be uplifted. My thoughts and prayers are with you daily as I read your blog.
    On a different subject are the kids in any sports this time of year because I must say those are about the funniest stories I have read in my life. I imagine my little one doing the same thing when he gets that old. Despite the cancer I must say you are one of the luckiest men that know.
    Thinking of you,

  4. Loren Schomaker

    Hi Chris and Family
    I really would like to see what costume you plan to wear today. You have been putting a scare into us for some time now.

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Brian


    You look a little square to the camera. Maybe a hand in the pocket would help. I think a squeeker toy to get that natural baty smile.

    The hair. Beautiful as ever baby!

    See you Sunday morning.

  6. Beth Gould

    You still look fantastic! I can tell you are smaller, but you look just as healthy as the last day I saw you. I am glad you are back on track and were able to get you last dose of chemo. Nasty stuff, but it will all be worth it in time! Thanks for sharing your picture….I don’t get grossed out by that stuff. I find it interesting to be part of your journey. I hope you have a fun Halloween and enjoy your kids. Much love!

  7. Mark Vesta

    Hey Chris,

    Nice picture! Might I suggest possibly a little less “mug shot” next time? How about a tie?? A puppy? What is with the clenched fist in the left hand? You weren’t threatening the photographer were you?
    Ok, enough bad humor. Thanks for the updates. I hope the recovery from the chemo goes well for you. It looks like and sounds like you have a huge network of support for you and your family. We continue to pray for all of you. Take care.


  8. Lois

    Hi Chris and Karen,
    We have been gone and just now catching up on the blog. Great news about the chemo working. So sorry to hear about Karen. Sure wish we lived closer. These retired people could sure help out and would love to do that. Is there anything we can do from afar?? You are right, prayer is powerful!!
    We send our love to all of you.

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