Arizona here I come!

This is the one and only time I will ever be interested in moving South.  Right now I am still suffering from the chemo. side effects and they don’t look to end anytime soon.  The two worst side effects are the damage that the chemicals do to the throat and the pain I feel when my hands get cold.  Basically the chemicals burn out the top layer of skin in the throat so you have a very tender and sore throat.  My hands don’t have the best circulation in the world and the minute they get slightly cold, they start to sting and get very painful.  Both of these get exaggerated with the weather being so cold right now.  Usually the side effects wear off by now, but these two are still hanging around.  Mark it down you heard it first, I am guessing with my luck this is going to be one old fashioned cold and snowy Winter.  So I am ready to move to Tampa or maybe Las Vegas.  Overall the side effects were tougher this time.  In one 24 hour period I was in bed 17 of the 24 hours.  The good news is that the fatigue wore off by Sunday so I was able to go to church and then get right back to work on Monday.

Speaking of work, have I mentioned how awesome Pictura is to me?  I know I have, but it is worth mentioning again.  I basically work 60 hours every two weeks, and the rest of my 80 hours is made up of benefit hours.  On my own I would have ran out of benefit hours back in August.  But my fellow employees anonymously gifted me their hours and that helps me maintain a full paycheck.  Keep in mind these are their personal hours that they earned, but have now gifted to me so my family and I can keep a roof over our heads.  How will I ever repay them(even if I knew who they were)?  All of it was made possible by the Owner and General Manager quickly putting a policy in place the day before I went into the hospital-the 1st time.  Thank you Pictura!!!  -It just doesn’t say enough.  I can tell you this much, if anyone needs some coffee, their car started or a favor at work, I’m not saying “no”.

We also got a nice visit from 1 of the 10 pastors from my church last night.  It was a great surprise as she tracked me down after losing my phone number and not knowing my address.  The church I attend is huge, the sanctuary seats 2500 people so it is not like we know everyone on a real personal level.  Somehow she found us and delivered an awesome home-made meal of roast beef, carrots and potatoes(seriously one of my favorite meals).  She also brought over some pudding and glorified rice.  Lastly she again prayed over Karen and I.  This is someone who knows a little bit about cancer as she has beaten stage 4 twice!

Sooner than later I will get some photos on the “Photo” page of this website Sarah set up for me.  We seriously have hundreds of them but the boss needs to bring her SD card reader home so we can start uploading.

One last election note-DaKato County (where we live) had a 93% voter turnout!  That is to say that 372,000 of us 400,000 residents made it to the polls last week-Amazing!

Lastly thanks for taking the time to read and especially all the prayers you and your families are saying for me.  I can’t believe how many children are at home reminding their parents to say a prayer for me each night-it is truly humbling.

Dreaming of warmer days in Lakeville,




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4 responses to “Arizona here I come!

  1. Michelle King

    Chris – you are welcome to come to Texas as well!
    Praying for you and Tiny…love you guys.

  2. Beth Gould

    I hope you have had a chance to watch the movie Tim sent you. It is a good one. It has helped us through some tough times. I hear ya on the cold weather. You know too many people would miss you if you moved though. When you are feeling better Tim and I would really like to see you. I am missing not being able to talk to you about political stuff. It was such a great turnout. I am so glad it went out way! There are so many wonderful people at Pictura and it is so nice that they are helping you out. I know how much they all think of you. I am in contact with many of them all the time and they always tell me what an inspiration you are to them. Hope you stay warm. Much love!

  3. Loren Schomaker

    Hi Chris
    Sounds like your keeping the game intersting, but please don’t move the team to some place warm. We need you here to keep the Minnesota Nice. Here are some warm prayers to keep you warm.

  4. Mark Vesta

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry to hear that you are having a tougher time with your treatments this time. I must tell you though that there are days that I would love to be in bed for about 17 hours…or more!
    Thanks so much for your efforts in keeping up the postings here. I think it is safe to say that “we” are all here for the good news as well as the not-so-good news. You truly have a great safety net around you and your family.
    Hang in there guy, the best is surely yet to come.
    You are always in our prayers.

    Mark V.

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