Well I guess this proves the chemo. is destroying my brain cells.  I did the exact opposite of what I professed in my last blog entry.  Instead of going South to avoid the cold, I went North to embrace it.  I decided to join my deer hunting party over last weekend in Backus, MN.  For those of you unprivileged to know, Backus is about 150 miles North of the Twin Cities in pretty much the middle of no where.  My dad’s first job out of college was teaching school in Backus, MN.  That is when and where my Dad met Larry Glassman.  Glassman invited my Dad to go hunting with him back then and now nearly 40 years later he can’t get rid of us, we just keep showing up every Nov.  So even though I am hating the cold this year, I knew I had to make it back up there to visit Larry and Carol and the rest of the group.  My Mom, Dad and Karen all loaded me up with extra clothes and handwarmers for the excursion, but I have to tell the truth-I still froze.  The truth is I didn’t hunt that long or hard.  When it was 15-20 degrees with the wind chill, it was tough to keep my hands warm no matter what I did.  As soon as my hands got a little cold they started to sting and hurt which made it hard to hold a gun or even appreciate all the beautiful nature.  I only saw a couple of deer,  and due to circumstances, didn’t shoot at either.  My brother, though, got one on the last day so we as a family didn’t go away empty handed.  All in all it was a fun trip to visit with everyone and be apart of the annual sojourn to Backus-see I told you the chemo is affecting my brain.  After this weeks chemo, I will probably being doing snow angels in my front yard wearing just my bathing suit.

Thanks for all the continued good thoughts and prayers.  I will need them as always as I head into chemo treatment #5 this Wednesday.




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3 responses to “Backus

  1. karla summers

    Sorry to hear your deer hunting didn’t go good. Backus and deer hunting time is a good memory of when I would get to visit, when we were young. Remember the pigs at Glassman’s farm? They probably hated us for putting their food on the electric fence. Make sure and get your rest, tell Karen and the boys hi. Lots of prayers and hugs sent ur way.

  2. Andrew

    MMmm. Venison. At least your brother and your family won’t go hungry this winter. Too bad it wasn’t enjoyable as it could’ve been.

    Stop by the store sometime and I’ll hook you up with more movies to keep you occupied indoors during the winter months.


  3. Mark Vesta

    Hi Chris,

    Glad to hear this latest round is history. Again I am jealous as to the extended nap times. I didn’t see the “Backus” entry until tonight. My in-laws had a cabin in Backus on Pine Mtn. Lake. We made many trips up there. I myself always referred to that lake as the “Dead Sea” though. I don’t think there was a single fish in it.
    Never did any deer hunting up there although my father-in-law (who spent many early years up there) did. Both archery and rifle. Whenever I see that town name come up I am surprised to see that anyone else has even heard of it!
    Thanks again for your updates. It sounds like your support group at Hosana is wonderful. I am glad that you have a found such a great church home. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Mark V.

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