Chris Unplugged

I was scheduled for chemo today at 11:15 at Park Nicolet vs. at Methodist where all my other treaments have been.  They actually do a blood draw first and then you meet with your doctor to go over the results.  I didn’t even get into the blood work till around noon.  Immediately following my blood draw, Dr. Duane (my Oncologist) came into review how everything was going.  I also got a surprise visit from one of my best friends-Steve Lish.  At the last minute, Steve decided to take the day off from work and join me at my treatment.  So he joined Dr. Duane and myself for my evaluation.  Dr. Duane said he was impressed on how well both mentally and physically I was handling the treatments.  Little does he know all the great people praying for me and propping me up.  He said that I would still have the scan on the 15th and then we would review the results on the 17th.  Dr. Duane explained that either way they would do chemo treatment #7 and then see what the surgeon said.  After getting that figured out, it was time to go back in the lobby and await my blood work results.  About 10 minutes later Dr. Duane came back out (looking very sympathetic) and asked me to come back with him and talk.  At this point I turned to Steve and said, “This can’t be good.”  Later we reflected on that statement trying to decide on what could be worse than the news I have already received this year.  As soon as I got to the exam room Dr. Duane explained that I couldn’t receive treatment today as my platelets were too low.  Your platelet count is supposed to be around 150,000-400,000, mine was at 39,000.  Dr. Duane apologized as he knows how much each chemo patient builds their lives around their cycles.  Platelets are what we need to clot our blood.  He said that we would wait a week and try again.  I asked if there was anything I could do to help my counts and he said only time could build up my platelets.  He also decided to decrease my dosage slightly so that my platelets wouldn’t drop so low.  So Round 6 will now kick off next Wed. the 10th.  I will still have my scan on the 15th and then Dr. Duane will call me with those results.  The following chemo gets thrown off schedule too as it is supposed to fall on Christmas Eve.  So instead of doing that, we moved it to the 26th (a Friday).  So my personal world and work world got thrown for a scheduling loop today-no big deal.  This shows you how sick us Cancer patients are-I am happy I don’t have to be on a drug for another week that could possibly save my life.  It doesn’t make sense, but I am running with it. 

I called Karen right away and she began shifting our support/help for the boys to the following week.  We are so blessed with help.  We actually have activities planned for the boys during my chemo weeks.  Grandma’s and Grandpa’s and Aunt’s and Uncle’s pitch in to keep the boys entertained while Dad lays around for a few days.  The support is awesome and the boys seem to enjoy the entertainment.

So the good news is, I didn’t get chemo today!  I also got to spend some time visiting with one of my best friends.  After getting released from my chemo bondage I thought it was time to celebrate.  So Karen, I and the boys headed out for dinner.  I feel we need to take advantage of the “good days” (vs. the chemo days) while we have them.

All in all I am feeling good.  I had a great conversation with my hospital roommate’s wife last night.  As you recall my hospital roommate died from Colon Cancer 3 days after he checked out of our room.  I call his wife every two weeks to let her know I am still thinking about her.  Her name is Sandy and we seem to have a real connection.  I call to try and help take care of her, but she in turn does her best to take care of me.  She writes down all of my appointments and says she prays extra hard on those days for me.  Her son, daughter-in-law and their kids (all who I met that week) also keep me in their prayers.  If their parents ever forget, the kids remind them to always pray for Chris.  That is amazing as I said maybe 10 words to the little girls (ages 5 and 9) during that week.  Sandy and I reflect that the worst week of her life and the worst week of mine, are the same week.  Her and her family were disappointed that Jimmy had a roommate as was my family.  Yet here we are 8 weeks later communicating as if we have known each other for years.  I truly gained another adopted Mother and family through that hospital stay.  Just another beautiful surprise along my journey with cancer.  Again I am truly blessed (I think I’ve mentioned that a time or two).

Chemo bottle unplugged in Lakeville tonight-and loving it,




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3 responses to “Chris Unplugged

  1. Pat Groeper

    This journey your on has bends in the road and you just have to bend with it just like you are doing!!! As a cancer survior most of us have been through this platelet thingand if yo are a woman n more because if you have a bladder infection where your body throws off too many proteins NO CHEMO!! So hang in there and realize that your getting to the end and the chemo is getting accumalative!! Could you ask Dr. Dwane if NEWLASTA would help. Burl had that after each treatment it helps keep you platelets up and ready for the next treatment!! As usual it is not pleasant you must go back to the hospital the day after chem and get a very expensive shot and then you will ache all over for about 4 days that tells you your bone marrow is making lots of platelets! Is’n this all fun!! Always remember all of us warriors out here praying and thinking of you everyday!! And go out there and enjoy enjoy a week without feeling yukie!!!Celebrate! celebrate!!!

  2. Cheryl Stainer


    Just a little encouragement. I read about the two little girls (ages 5 and 9) that are praying for you. Kids are so dilligent when something hits home with them (which seems absolutely amazing when they can’t seem to remember where they put their shoes, etc.).

    My two kids would pray dilligently for their great uncle that had lost the ability to swollow. He could not eat or drink, he had to take all of his food in through his stomach, it was horrible. Yet he believed that God would heal him and he would begin to eat and drink again. Although the doctors had not given him any hope that it would happen.

    After being on his death bed, the family fasted and prayed for him and he was healed. After 8 months of not having anything go over his lips, he finally was able to start eating and drinking again.

    He truly believes that it was due to my children praying!!!

    We will keep up the prayers that God will move and heal in your life.

    Cheryl Stainer

  3. Leanne from the Proex Days. (The crazy one from Coon Rapids)

    Hi Chris Baty!

    I was FINALLY told that you had a blog today! I had heard about your illness a long time ago, and had lost your e-mail address.

    You seem to be in great spirits, and that is so important. Don’t lose faith. You’ll pull through. =)

    I just wanted to say hello, and tell you that you are in my prayers! Sometime, I will have to show you the video Alana and I put together, that has you dancing in it, back in the warehouse part of the old Proex corporate.

    Stay cheerful!!


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