Healthy Competition?

Some people believe that competition is healthy.  However when it comes to who has worse health, I suggest not even competing.  Well Karen decided that the temptation was just too strong and she joined the race.  Karen woke up this morning at 5:30 a.m. with chest pains.  I was already on the way to work, so she had no choice but to get both kids up, dressed and rush everyone to the ER.  The doctors ran tests on her all day to try and rule out a heart attack.  By 5 p.m. they did just that.  Her Blood work, EKG and Stress tests all came back negative.  They suggest that the pains were caused by stress in her life.  Where was I while all this was going on? -Cluelessly working.  I had left my cell phone in the car, so I missed her call, her Mom’s call and Sarah’s (her Sisters) call.  Luckily Diane reached me via my office phone which Karen hadn’t remembered or added to her cell phone.  Her family saved the day as Sarah came down to take the boys out of the hospital and Dianne drove over from WI to help and stay the night.  Karen and I talked several times throughout the day and she said she was feeling better.

At 4:45 p.m. I finally made it down to the hospital.  The first thing Karen did was tell me how bored she was.  I told her she should try it for 3 weeks.  Next she told me how upset she was that the doctors hadn’t got back to her with her test results.  I told her she should try being patient with a tube shoved down your throat, a fever and breathing issues-waiting for test results.  She next told me how hungry she was as she hadn’t eaten all day.  I told her she should try that for a week.  Unhealthy Competition Score=Chris 3 Karen 0.    O.k. I was more understanding than that and can make light of it now.  Thank God everything worked out well.  It still is a concern as the doctors didn’t find anything and just told her to take it easy.  Now if we/I can only relieve her stress.  I think once we get past Christmas, things will get better as her work will be slower.  I got her a dozen roses to show her some love.  Of course I reminded her that I got more than a dozen flowers during my hospital stays-can we say  score 4-0?

Back to chemo for me tomorrow and hopefully no more health issues for the rest of the family.

Undefeated in Lakeville,




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3 responses to “Healthy Competition?

  1. Jen Porter

    Hey Chris-

    Could you email me your email address?

    This is Jen Porter from Bemidji.

  2. Brian

    I say 4-0 Karen for putting up with a brat like you. I am thinking of you both.

  3. Beth Gould

    Wow. I hope both get some much needed zen time. Thinking of you always! XO!

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