Back on schedule, well sort of…

First and formost Karen is feeling better today.  She still has chest pains but they are less and more evenly distributed.  In her world that is good as all the pain originally started out over and around her heart.  She has another doctor appointment tomorrow where she will undergo more tests.

I got back on the chemo today.  It almost didn’t happen as now my white blood cell counts were the issue.  My platelets rebounded nicely back to 200,000 vs. 39,000 last week.  But my white blood cell count was at 700 and the bottom number is supposed to be around 1500.  The doctor decided to bet on me and my body and go with today’s treatment.  The doctor felt that since my platelets rebounded quickly,  it would just be  a matter of time and the WB cells should follow suit.  The catch is when I go back in and get disconnected from my portable chemo, they have to give me a shot of Nulasta.  If any of you read Pat’s comments last week, she predicted I might get this.  Nulasta is a shot in the arm that is supposed to spur on the growth of white blood cells and Platelets.  The side effect, as Pat mentioned, is that your bones literally ache for a few days after the shot.  This is just another challenge along the way…  It just makes my “good days” seem all that greater!

I need to mention other competitors, besides Karen,  in the worst health competition championship.  My Step-Mother Debbie undergoes surgery tomorrow for Breast Cancer, I believe she is Stage 2.  She was diagnosed a month or two after I was.  Sharon Shovan, my brother’s mother-in-law, was diagnosed with Colon Cancer within the past month.  They haven’t staged her yet, but I am guessing she has Stage 4 Colon Cancer, just like me.  She has spots on her Liver too.  She just had her colon surgery last week and is recovering nicely.  Lastly my Grandmother looks like she had a stroke this week-we are still awaiting definitive results.  As I told my brother, there is no shortage in our world of prayer topics.

My prayers go out to all of them and all of you.  Thanks for praying for me.  I truly believe that all the prayers are making the difference in how I physically and mentally feel.  Now it is time for me to lay down and rest for the next 4 days-my mini hibernation.



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  1. Lo

    Missed your smiling face at work ! Of course, you and your family are in my prayers. Rest easy. Lo

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