Early Christmas Present

Our prayers are being answered…  “The Metastatasized Liver Tumors have both decreased in number and in size.”  -translation the Chemo is doing its job-killing the cancer!  That is the message I received from Dr. Duane today.  I had my CT scan this morning and Dr. Duane called me on his day off to let me know the good news.  That is all the info. the Radiologist emailed to Dr. Duane so I don’t have anymore in the way of stats(numbers and percentages of decrease).  The Dr. said he was contacting my Liver Surgeon so we can set up a time in early January to review surgical options.  Yes surgery is never fun, but that has been the goal for myself and Dr. Sielaff (the Liver Surgeon) from the start.  I will still have my 7th Chemo treatment on the day after Christmas.  At that time Dr. Duane and I will review the scan together and figure out what the plan will be going forward.  As a cancer patient I’m not sure you are ever out of the woods, but this is a good sign.

Karen Update-Karen is doing o.k.  I spoke with a friend who’s Sister-in-law had the same thing happen to her on several occasions.  She thought she was having a heart attack and it was actually an asthma attack.  We now nebulize Karen with Jaxson’s nebulizer to keep her feeling well.  So far so good.


Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers-they are working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Celebrating in Lakeville tonight,





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13 responses to “Early Christmas Present

  1. The Welch's

    That’s great to hear Chris! You can’t ask for better news than that!

  2. Diana and Randy Miller

    Congratulations – on the great news –

    Have a great Christmas –

  3. Andrew

    Forgive my French, but Hellz yeah!

    That is such great news Chris. Sending positive vibes your way and hope to see you soon.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Dianne

    Great news. You know Chuck and I will be there to support you, Karen and the boys all the way! Let’s do this surgery “regularly” with no surprises, ok?

  5. Chris and Karen,
    We are so happy to hear your good news. I check your blog every day and pray often for you and your family. Karen, hang in there-you will get through this. You two are important to so many people!

    Love, Sharon and Mike Lish
    (from your Bemidji past!)

  6. Loren Schomaker

    Hi Chris
    That is great news, I will still keep you in my prayers.
    On a side note there is a prayer said each sunday for a Christy Baty. I don’t know if that one is set up for you or someone with the same name. (Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Inver Grove Heights)
    I pray twice as hard to make sure you are covered.

  7. Miriam Ring

    Chris and Karen,

    What GREAT news! I am smiling as I finish reading this post. Still praying for you all.


  8. Michele Balvin

    That’s so good to hear Chris! Nice to know all you are going through is paying off. My mom had her 3 month post chemo check-up last week= still cancer free! You too will have that check-up some day, hang in there!

  9. Tim Holker

    What a great Christmas gift! Here’s hoping that it continues in a Happy New Year!

  10. Paula Pilrose

    Yeah!! What great news!
    Keep up the fight, we’ll keep up the prayers!

  11. karla summers


  12. Pat Groeper

    MY goodness the power of pray!!! The Lord works in so many ways and he is certainly working with you!!!! He has given you so many blessing through this journey! The family,the friends the people who do not even know you have surrounded you with this circle of love and prayers and with the strength and courage that you have fought with will truely make this a very blessed Christmas!!So hold on tight to all of your family,friends,love and prayers because you truely have the best and biggest and most percious Christmas gifts of all.

  13. Kent and Joy Bahr

    We are so excited about the great news! Christmas- literally means celebration of Christ! This year we will not only celebrate that he gave up his place in Heaven to come to this earth and die, so that we could obtain Life, but we will also celebrate his healing in you! WOW! I am reminded of a reunion in July where God and his Holy Spirit’s presence was so very real as a bunch of former kids prayed with you! Jesus said,”I will never leave you nor forsake you.” We are waiting to hear the continued amazing things God has in store for you and yours! With Smiles, Merry CHRISTmas! Kent and Joy

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