Merry Christmas


We had a fun Christmas party at Dave and Jill’s yesterday.  As you can see the kids were all smiles.  The picture is of the cousins from oldest to youngest going from left to right(Brenden, Jaxson, Kaci, Caden, Kylie and Zane).  Next year they won’t all fit due to the size of them and the newest boy that Dave and Jill will be adding in January.

Other stuff-Dave and I drove 400 miles last Saturday to attend our grandmother’s funeral, that was the day of the mini-MN blizzard.  We safely made it back and forth and were very thankful we made the trip.  It was nice to visit with our relatives on that side of the family-those crazy Finlanders.  That is where I get my Sisu from.  My grandmother had all of our posts from this blog printed and stacked in her bedroom.  My mom said she was always worried about me.  I wish I could have seen her one last time to show her I am doing well.  Karen and the boys and Jill nad her boys stayed home for Brenden’s birthday party at McDonalds.  Karen’s parents once again swooped in to save the day and help Karen with the party and keep the driveway clean of all the snow.

Karen is doing well.  Her asthma/chest pains have almost gone completly away.

Chemo round 7 kicks off tomorrow morning.

A Christmas wish…

As Jaxson was going to sleep last night he told Karen he hoped Santa heard his wish.  When she asked him what he had wished for he said, “I want Santa to bring something for Dad.”  She asked him what he hoped Santa would bring for Dad.  He said, “Bandages that he could put on his scars that would make them disappear so he can wrestle with me again.”  Yes, I can’t write this without tears welling up in my eyes.

2008 has been an unbelievable challenge for me and my family and I imagine 2009 will be much of the same.  All that being said I feel extremely blessed and loved this holiday season.  This disease seems to bring out the best in people.  It is too bad that we have to wait until something life threatening happens to express how much we all need each other in this life.

My Christmas wish for all of you…May God bless you with good health and happiness this Christmas season and may all of you feel His Christmas presence.



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  1. karla summers

    Chris, I really wish I would have got to seee u and Dave when u were up. Auntie Val said u look really good. The holidays are really hard with Shyanne gone, Aurora wishes every year to have her back. Some wishes can never come true, thats why we need to make the most of everyday we have with the people we love. But I dont have to tell u that. Merry x-mas to u and ur family, all the kids are so cute sitting on the couch. Thanks again for all the updates, I’m glad to hear things are looking up.
    hugs and kisses –karla

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