Trae Christopher Baty

A New Addition

This is Dave and Jill’s big news for the week.  My nephew was born Jan. 14th.  He weighed in at 8 lbs. and 12 ozs.  Mom, Dad and baby are doing fine.  Zane his brother, now the middle son, I think is in for a rude awakening-just means he will probably need more uncle time.  Caden, the oldest, looks like he is going to do a great job of helping Mom and Dad.  He has already done well with letting Zane double up with him in his room, so that Trae has his own room.

I also got word this week that a surgery date has been set-February 11th.  That is about a week or two sooner than I expected, but I am glad to continue the battle.  It looks like another special day(Valentines) will be spent in the hospital.  My present will be my presence.  Last Fall I had surgery on our anniversary.  Again surgery is all dependent on them not finding anymore cancer, other than on the liver, at the PET scan on Jan. 29th.  For now I am just enjoying my break away from all the chemo. and the newest addition to the Baty Clan.

Blessings to all of you,



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