Busy Scanning

Hey all,

I have been busy working, doing family time, attending cancer support groups/functions and getting my body scanned.  I had an MRI last Friday.  It took about an hour inside the tube.  I just closed my eyes, put some headphones on, listened to some inspirational music and rested.  I won’t know those results until next week when I meet with the surgeon.  That test was mainly for the surgeon to review so he doesn’t get any surprises during surgery.  I had a CT scan yesterday-that was a late addition to my scan regiment.  My Oncologist called me today to say the results were once again good-no new growth, no new cancer seen anywhere else.  The final and decisive scan/test will be the PET scan on Thursday.  That will determine if there is cancer anywhere else in the body-if so than the surgery is off.  I will post something on Friday after I learn the results of that one.  Lots of prayers welcome!

Sarah and I attended the informational/kick off meeting for the 5K walk/run for Colon Cancer awareness last night.  Basically we got a huge packet of information on what it is all about and some fund raising forms/tips.  The good thing is that they are going to post most of these forms on their website(link on this home page).  Right now there are 13 teams signed up and we are the number one team as far as participants and funds raised.  The number one team from last year is gunning for us as we are burying them right now.  They think they will beat us?  They don’t know us very well do they?  A special thanks to Sarah for taking the lead on this one!   She promises surprises along the way-the first I think we can reveal…we are having a graphic artist work on a T-shirt design for Baty Sisu.  We have a good group of runners and walkers signed up right now, but we need more.  Anyone considering joining us-please do!  It is not a big family clique thing.   There will be people from Barr Engineering, Proex, Varsity Photos, there better be a few cyclists, Pictura employees, hopefully some Bemidji folks, maybe some Iron Rangers, High school classmates, Strattons,  Manors, some neighbors, hopefully some Hosanna church members-everyone is a welcome addition!  To sign up for the event, just click on the links on this page(Get Your Rear in Gear-is the official name of the event).  When you sign up just pick team name Baty Sisu.  If you have any questions/concerns let me know.  We just met the organizer of the whole event last night and she is more than willing to help.  It will be a pretty cool day, albeit a little overwhelming.

God Bless to all!  A special blessing to all you fellow cancer warriors    (Charlie Wifler, Jennifer, Patty, Sharon Shovan, Debby Baty, little Abe Fagerstrom, Judy, Glen, Johnny O, Laurie T., Burl, baby Evan , Taisa’s mom and all the rest I am missing).




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2 responses to “Busy Scanning

  1. Kent & Joy Bahr

    You continue to be in our prayers. God is bigger than all. We trust for your total healing. Life is cold up here in the sticks but we send you warm thoughts!

  2. Andrew

    “inspirational music” = Iron Maiden?

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