It’s Go Time!…well almost

Karen’s folks have moved in to support us and take care of the kids while I’m on vacation at the hospital.  Tonight it is time to pack my bag, take my anti-bacterial shower and try and get some sleep.  I will especially enjoy sleeping at home tonight knowing that the next week will be in a hospital bed.   Everything kicks off around 6 a.m., we need to be at the hospital for check-in at 8 a.m.  The surgery starts at 10:30 and is supposed to last around 5 hours.  I may spend the first night in ICU or possibly back in my room.  That will depend on how the surgery itself goes.  Karen, Karen’s Mom, my Mom and Dad will be spending the day at the hospital.  My brother will be back and forth during the day.  Karen’s Dad gets Grandpa duty watching Brenden and Jaxson for the day.  Brenden has been sick with the flu for the past two days but seems to be pulling out of it rather quickly.  Karen will update Sarah so she can update the blog during the day.  I wouldn’t expect that they would get an update out until late afternoon or early evening.

I just want to take a minute to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers not only for today and tomorrow, but also all the way through this process.  Myself and my family feel truely blessed by all of you.  May God bless all of you personally for taking the time to pray for me and my family.  Without Faith, Family and Friends I wouldn’t have the strength to fight this battle.

But right now I feel a lot of strength and I say bring it on!




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9 responses to “It’s Go Time!…well almost

  1. Vicki Starbeck

    Hey Chris – This is Vicki from Pray for the Cure at Hosanna! Know that I will be praying for you tonight and tomorrow ….. God knows the plans that He has for you, and He will be with you through all of it. Blessings and Peace to you and your family.

  2. Michele Balvin

    Best wishes for a successful surgery Chris, you and your family will be in my thoughts.

  3. Anonymous

    Good Morning Chris
    You are in my prayers

  4. Angela Bjornstad

    Hello Baty family,

    I have no idea what to say except God loves each of you so much. His timing is not our own and at times feels just absolutlely exasperating. I pray that throughout the day today, you are able to reach out to those around you for comfort and support. Oh how I wish I could be there–and you don’t even know me! My husband sat through two similar surgeries. Maybe he’s the better support partner! We love you and are thankful to be included in this journey–all the way from Texas! Blessings over this day and the next week during recovery–angela bjornstad and family

  5. Dan Dawson

    Chris, Karen and Boys, you will all been in my thoughts and prayers.
    Hold the hands of the people around you and you will be holding hands with God.

  6. Suzy

    The Baty’s

    Our prayers continue especially today. We’re hoping for a fast recovery. I personally don’t think I would have the strength you have to get through all that you have. Hugs go out to all of you.

    oooooooooooo-Moo sends a BIG O!

  7. Sara Squiers

    Hi! I went to school with your brother Dave and he passed along the link to your blog… I am amazed by your strength and faith throughout your journey. Please know that you are in my prayers, especially this morning, as you go through surgery. May Jesus hold you during and after your surgery, and may He give you the strength to overcome this awful disease. We know that God can do anything and you talked about odds…. well, there are no odds when it comes to the works of the Lord!

  8. Jon and Cindy Ness

    Hey Chris –
    Checking your blog is the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing before bed. You are in our prayers daily. Remember that God has a plan and we see just a snippet – someday this battle that you are going through will make sense – right now, we just need to trust that you are in God’s hands, & he is in control. I have seen an awakening of faith in some people who had strayed as they are going through this journey with you. You are such an inspiration and I feel so blessed to know you. We will be in constant prayer today as we wait for an update.
    Love in Christ,

  9. Darin Jones

    Chris and family,

    The Jones’ are thinking about you and praying for you this morning.

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