Surgery Update #2 – laproscopy results

As Chris mentioned in one of his previous posts, the first portion of his surgery today was “exploratory”.  Essentially the doctors started by using a laproscopic procedure to take a look at the lesions on his liver.  This procedure showed that some of the lesions have grown; therefore, the doctor decided it would not be advantageous to do surgery at this time.  Instead they will do more chemo to reduce the size of the lesions and then go back in and do the surgery.  The good news is that one of the large lesions on Chris’s liver was determined to be non-cancerous.

So Chris is now in recovery where he’ll remain for a few hours and he will be discharged yet today.  He’ll meet with his oncologist in the next few days to set up another chemo schedule.

Thank you all for your continuing thoughts, prayers and support.

I also wanted to thank you all for your donations to the Get Your Rear in Gear 5k coming up in April – thanks to your generous donations to Team Baty Sisu, we are currently the top fund-raising team for the Twin Cities race!  You all continue to show amazing support for Chris, his family, and colon cancer awareness.





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2 responses to “Surgery Update #2 – laproscopy results

  1. Dave

    Chris and everyone else,

    I know that you can handle this disappointing news. Let’s roll with it and stay motivated that God will answer our prayers for a cure. I pray that this will only strengthen our commitment to pray and support Chris and Karen. Chris, Zane’s happy that you won’t be skipping his b-day now!!

  2. Taisa Diedrich

    I have tears for you right now. I understand how much emotional preparation goes into getting ready for the surgery. This is decent news though, right? What a relief to find out that one of the lesions is non-cancerous. I will be anxious to get in touch with you to find out more. Until then, you remain in my prayers and thoughts. I know it becomes redundant to say/hear, but keep your faith and strength and rely on those around you to carry you through this. YOU CAN BEAT THIS!!!!


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