First, again, thank you for all your support!  100 Baty Sisu t-shirts were ordered for those taking part in the event and those who are supporting the event but can’t make it.  I thought you may enjoy some other astounding numbers I came across at church.  It doesn’t involve cancer stuff.   Some of you may have seen it in the past, basically if you are a numbers person you will love it.  Turn down the volume on your computer if you don’t like thumping music, for you kids out there turn it up.  Click on the link below to check it out:

scary stuff,



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  1. Mannila

    Dear Mr Baty,
    I am Jennifer Mannila, Jane Mannila’s daughter. I’m in 4th grade. During lent we are doing corporal works of mercy. This week I should visit the sick. My mom told me that you have been very sick, have had surgeries and are still having lots of therapies. So I hope it is ok that I “visit” you in an email. I’m so sorry that you are sick. Mom says you have two little boys who need you so she prays for you every day. I’m going to pray for you too. I hope God helps your doctors to help you to be cured. Get better soon.

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