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Time Flies

When you are on chemo regiments, time flies faster than normal.   Basically you just keep looking at the calendar figuring out how and when you can live your life around your regiment.  On the day of my infusion and for the next 3 days after I feel pretty rough(nausea, fatigue-but sometimes sleeplessness, restlessness).  Many times we find activities for the boys or they go and stay with grandparents or aunts and uncles.   On day 4 (Sunday) I snap back and feel pretty well-still far from normal.  Days 5-9 I work as many hours as I can;  but deal with fatigue, back pain, bloody sores at the corners of my lips and weird stomach/intestinal issues.  Days 10-12 I get stronger and stronger and the back pain goes away.   Day 13 is as close to feeling normal as I get, except it is still far from normal with all the on-going numbness in my finger tips and feet.  Day 14 comes way too fast and it starts all over again.  As time flies by I am still doing well, considering everything above I just named.  I feel like Rocky from the movies as he gets pummeled and knocked down by his opponents, still I pick myself up and stumble forward to take on my next regiment.

Speaking of time flying…April 9th is coming up fast!  What does that mean to you?  Well if you were thinking about either joining our team for the 5k or donating to our team, you have until that day to make it all happen.  Our team still leads in the way of team members and donations!  We have been leading this race for 3 months, but there are rumors teams are plotting to overthrow us on April 9th with last minute donations.  April 19th is the day for the actual race.  It will be one special day.  I know there are surprises lined up for our team, but have found out that a concert appearance by Bon Jovi is not one of them-darn.  If you have any questions at all about the event, contact Sarah (Our captain and my sister-in-law) at:  sarah.stratton@gmail.com

A special thanks to Jenny Mannila for the nice comment this week.  Also thanks to everyone as always for keeping our family and myself in your thoughts and prayers.


p.s. I still have hair-but have lost about 60% of what I had.  We will just see what the future holds…


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