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Biology lesson

Biology:  the science that studies living organisms.  Five unifying principles form the foundation of modern biology: cell theory, evolution, gene theory, energy, and homeostasis.  Sound boring to you?- it was kind of to me.  My thing is history not biology and science.  My Dad was a science and biology teacher before he was a negotiator for teacher contracts.  Because of that background, Dad pretty much has an answer for any question we ask  him in the biology realm.  To this day we are lucky enough to take hikes with him through the north woods and have him tell us which trees are which, which berries can be eaten and which animal made which track.  He is literally a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and we love it.  My boys (especially Brenden) need to spend more time with Grandpa.  All Brenden talks about is the number of Eagles or Red Tail hawks he see’s in a given week.  Two weeks ago I learned another biology lesson that I thought was interesting, so I thought why not share.  The link below is about 9 minutes long-hopefully not too long for our fast paced society.  The person speaking is a pastor I believe who does motivational lecture tours.  I will be honest it feels a little bit too much like watching a TV evangelist, but I promise you the biology lesson is impressive.






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