Got the call

Dr. Duane just called and told me the scan showed no change as compared to what we saw in January.  The good news is the cancer has not spread or grown.  I have chemo tomorrow and before we begin the infusion we will meet to discuss options.  His feeling right now is we keep doing the same regiment of chemicals every two weeks.  He feels the chemicals are holding the cancer at bay so we should stick with them.  Not sure what it means in the short term or long term.  Obviously for now the liver surgery again is probably not an option at this point.  Hopefully I will have a better idea tommorow.  I was hoping and expecting better news but am thankful it is not worse.    I will update tomorrow evening with what I learn.    Thank you for all the prayers and support!

the battle continues…





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6 responses to “Got the call

  1. Kent and Joy

    Chris, Todays news just means; ” We are going to keep on praying.” Glad the walk went so well! We are in your corner! Kent and Joy

  2. Lisa Coleman

    I’m sorry it’s not better news, but am glad it’s not worse news. I will keep praying for you and your family.

    The Livestrong bus picture is way cool!

  3. Bob Fallen

    Keep up the good fight, Chris. All of us at the office continue to be amazed by your upbeat attitude.

  4. Kelli Lish

    So sorry that more progress was not made. We are thankful that it has at least been holding. We continue to hold you close in our thoughts each and every day. We want to remind you and Karen that we care very deeply for you. Wishing and praying for continued strength and courage.

  5. Lo

    Yeah, what Bob said:) Lo

  6. Debbie Dittrich

    Hey Chris!
    I hope you remember me. Debbie Huffman was my name back when you were my DM at Proex. I now work with Karen again.

    I just wanted to let you and your family know that my prayers are with you.


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