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Quick Update and more pictures

Made it through round 12 and am doing well.  I have lost about 80% of my hair at this point.  I will try to upload a photo of that later in the week.  We have been busy.  Karen took a trip to Florida with her sister Sarah at the end of last week.  It was a make up trip from last Fall when I was in the hospital.  Karen and Sarah had a scheduled trip to visit their sister Jen in New York before I was ever diagnosed.  Since Jen and Steve have since moved back, they had to find some other place to fly to.  Karen had to use her plane ticket sometime and figured Florida would be a cheap/quick/sunny get away.  Karen missed all her boys but also needed some downtime from all of the stuff going on up here.  Karen’s Mom, Dianne, came in and took care of us while Karen was gone and I was on chemo.  The food, the house and the clothes never looked so good.  She is such a God-send to us, not sure what we would do without her.

Jaxson made his 2009 soccer debut last night. Jaxson was a little more into it this year vs. last, but still gets easily distracted out on the field.   He told me afterwards that he didn’t even play in the dirt,  and yes that is progress for Jax.    This year I am only an Asst. Coach so I just try to keep Jaxson and his cousin Caden in line.  Highlight or lowlight from last night, depending on your point of view, was watching Caden go on a mini breakaway.  Unfortunately he somehow turned himself into a human bowling ball tripping over the ball and pulling two kids down behind him.  So close to sucess…

Overall I am doing well.  I have bounced back from last week.  Thank you for you thoughts and prayers.

almost hairless in Lakeville,



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