Happy Memorial Day

I survived Round 14 of Chemo, but it certainly had its challenges.  My oncologist decided to try and add more meds to try and fight of the nausea.  On Day 1, it didn’t work.  As Thursday wore on, I got sicker and sicker.  At midnight I had two thoughts:  1.  I was going t ocheck myself into Methodist Hospital to see if they could control the nausea so I could rest.  2.  I thoght I would call dr. Duane in the morning and tell him I couldn’t make the 15th round as my system needed a break.  Luckily enough I managed to make it through the night and the next morning without going into the hospital.  Slowly I started to feel better as the day wore on, on Friday.  Friday and Saturday were both challenging, but doable.  On Sunday morning I woke up after a very good night of sleep and decided I was well enough to make it to church.  Two weeks prior I woke up and wasn’t able to make it to church, so I was a little ahead of schedule as compared to before.  I wasn’t feeling great, but well enough that I decided we could handle a small barbeque with friends on Sunday night.  Randy&Kelli Lish and family were down visiting Steve and his family for the weekend, so we just invited them all down for dinner.  Todd Welch joined us too.  I think the adrenaline of seeing friends and the energy of all the kids around pulled me through.

Cancer plans moving forward…I have round 15th on June 4th.  Then I have a little bit of a break as we do an MRI and a PET scan on June 17th.  I then review the scans with my doctor on Friday June 19th.  I am going to try and set up an appointment with my Liver Surgeon on June 23rd in guessing that we will be working with him again.  Bascially if the results of the scans are either good or stable(no change), we will head to the surgeon to see what he would like to do.  I told my oncologist that I expect good results from the next scans and he said so did he.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend!  Thanks for taking the time to read the blog.  As usual I am bouncing back, just like I have from every other treatment and hospital stay-I feel I am truly blessed.  Thank you for all your prayers, cards, thoughts and well wishes-they sustain me.  A special thank you to Sharon Shovan who continues to send me her well wishes even in the middle of her Stage 4 cancer battle.  Also a special thank you to Joyce and Marie Berger and Father John Madigan who continue to enroll me in special masses for healing.  The latest enrollment is under the special patronage of Our Lady of Lourdes.  My name will be read in the Masses for Healing celebrated at the Sacred Grotto in Lourdes, France and at the National Shrine of Our lady of the Snows in Belleville, IL.

Loving Life,



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  1. Lo

    hi, chris:) good luck with round 15 tomorrow! i’ll be thinking about you and of course, you are always in my prayers. lo

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