Surgery is going to happen!

Surgery is going to happen-and that is a good thing!

I met with Dr. Sielaff.  He said that things do look improved and that he would go forward with the surgery.  My Dad joined me at this appointment(like he does for almost all of them) and we only saw 4 tumors remaining.  I am guessing there may be more, but it looked much improved since January.  Dr. Sielaff once again said that he won’t know for sure everything he can do until he opens me up.  His goal will be an all in one surgery-cutting off 1/2 off the liver and then cutting out the tumors on the remaining side.  He also said he may perform some radio abalation(microwave) if he feels it is necessary.  So again I can’t help butfeel that prayers have been answered.  A year ago I had 12 tumors on my liver and 1 in my colon.  Today it looks like only 4 remaining.  Also he said that the liver usually gets beat up by the chemo regiment I just got off of, but in viewing my scan he said my still looks very good.  So they are going to call me to set up the surgery-roughly 3 weeks from today.  So I get 3 more weeks off of no chemo or surgeries-YEAH!

I got a big soccer game tonight so I will probably post again tomorrow when I have my official surgery date.

Again, thank you for all your prayers and well wishes!  Off to coach soccer…




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7 responses to “Surgery is going to happen!

  1. Kent and Joy

    Who would have thought we would be so excited for a surgery? Sounds great! We will continue to keep on praying! Keep on keeping on! Kent and Joy

  2. Aunt Val & Eli

    Great News!! I really feel that your positive attitude has played a big role in the healing that has gone on in your body!! The good news has brought me tears of joy. Praise the Lord!
    Hugs to you, Karen, and boys.
    We Love You,
    Aunt Val & Eli

  3. Lisa Coleman

    woo hoo!

  4. Todd and Marissa Welch

    Wow! That’s incredible news!

  5. Taisa Diedrich

    Oh Chris, this is such fantastic news!!!!! I have been thinking about you a lot and wondering if you had any new news on the surgery. I will definitely be praying for you on the 21st and your family. What a long road you have traveled with this cancer, but it sounds as though you may have beat it!!!!! You have no idea how happy it makes me to see someone beating this awful disease! You sound like you still have an incredible attitude and clearly have a lot of support. Stay strong, keep the faith & hope alive and my prayers will be with you on the 21st!


  6. Diana and Randy Miller

    Best of luck with the surgery next week – we will be praying for the very best results. Stay strong!

  7. Lo

    Hi, Chris! You’ll be in my prayers and thoughts on surgery day. Here’s hoping for great results and a quick recovery:) Lo

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