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Surgery Date Still Not Set

It looks like the date will be either July 21st or the 22nd.  I will find out officially on Monday.  It looks like it is scheduled for a 4-5 hour surgery.  That is a couple hours shorter than the first liver surgery I was scheduled for back in Feb.-another sign that things have really improved.  Dr. Duane, my Oncologist, called to check up on how my appointement went with Dr. Sielaff and was very happy that the surgery was going to happen.  So for now it is time to get as healthier and stronger before I get knocked down again.  4 surgeries and 15 rounds of chemo in one year doesn’t lend itself to a real healthy body.  That being said I am doing very well.  I am continuing to try and eat healthier, but by no means do I have a perfect diet.  I have cut back more on sugars, eat a few more fruits and vegetables and drink alkaline water to create a better PH balance in my body.  I also take a few supplements to ensure I am getting all the vitamins and minerals I need.  I also try to walk/jog 2-3 miles per day.  After the surgery my health will again get knocked down.  I will have about 4-6 weeks recovery time and then will either have a second surgery to get areas he couldn’t get in the first surgery or go back on chemo for another 6 rounds. The chemo after the surgery is used to continue to cleanse the body of cancer cells that may be remaining.  So long story short, I may not feel this good again for another 5-6 months.

Karen and the kids continue to do well, although the boys have their ailments.  Both Brenden and Jaxson have Summer colds.  Jaxson has an ear infection and strep throat.  Luckily enough Karen and I haven’t caught any of it.   I haven’t been “sick” in over a year, even though the kids have had numerous colds, strep throat and the flu.  Many people at work were hit with a 3 week cough and cold in March/April, but again I didn’t catch it.  Seriously I live in a protective bubble.   Chemo kills off many of your red blood cells and a lot of the white blood(infection fighting) cells.   For the past year my white blood cell count has ben very low due to the chemo and the surgeries.  I have had to get 10-11 shots to pump up those cells, but those shots only get me back to the bare minimum levels.

Brenden’s soccer game was a tough one.  The heat was round 90 degrees and the team we were playing was a really good one.  The other team had a couple kids that were bruisers(yes even for 6 year’s old) and our team got knocked to the ground many times.  In fact my co-coach and I had to finally stop the game and reprimand their kids after they shoved one of our kids in the back to the ground.  Their coaches were doing almost nothing to reprimand their kids.  We won the game 3-2 so that soothed all the bruised and beat up bodies.  I am worried that the next game I will hear it from some of the parents for not protecting their kids more.  We have to play this same team 2-3 times more this season so I am predicting more knock down, drag out battles(yes even for 6 year old’s).  I need to find another “enforcer” for my team.  Karen’s parents and sister, Jen, all made it to the game.  We also got a surprise visit from Karen’s cousin Chris.  I had no idea her cousin showed up until after the game.  I should have known something was up when someone kept yelling at me from the side line, “Come on Coach!”

Jaxson has decided to retire from soccer. The kid’s career has ended before it began.  Both kids start T-Ball/Coach pitch in July.  We will see how long he sticks with that.

Karen continues to work full time and wish she could take a month off.  My 5 week layoff starts July 13th, which should work out perfectly for my surgery and healing.

I will post sometime next week with the official date.  Thanks for all the comments, prayers and well-wishes.


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